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Cents were struck at all 3 active mints in 1928 - Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S). AFAIK there are no known sub-varieties from that year.

There's a list of values at the site below:

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Q: How many different pennies are there?
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How many different Penny designs are There In circulation?

7 different pennies

How many different types of pennies are there in the US?

I have 5 different pennies sitting in front of my face so i believe there are 5 different types of pennies in the USA.the answer is there is only one type of penny in the USA.

How many pennies equal an inch?

The answer will depend on which country's pennies the question is about. Many countries have pennies in their currency - including the US where a penny is a cent! Most of these coins are of different and so no answer is possible.

How many different ways can you make 34 cents?

* A quarter, nickel and 4 pennies * Three dimes and 4 pennies * Six nickels and 4 pennies * Thirty-four pennies

How many american pennies have been produced in the history of America?

10 different American pennies have been produced in the history of America.

One ounce equals how many pennies?

There are a lot of different pennies in the world, but 11.34 US pennies minted since 1982 will weigh one ounce. It would only take 9.145 older pennies.

How many different combinations can you make with 17 cents?

I am assuming this means what different combinations of coins would add up to 17 cents. You could have one dime, one nickel and 2 pennies, 1 dime, 7 pennies 3 nickels, 2 pennies 2 nickels, 7 pennies 1 nickel, 12 pennies 17 pennies

How many pennies is 10mm?

None. Those are two different types of measurements.

How many pennies is equal to 100?

100 pennies = 100 [pennies].

Tom has half as many pennies as Sue. sue has 20 pennies. how many pennies does tom have?

10 pennies...

With only pennies and dimes how many ways can you make one dollar?

Each Line is a Different Way (11 Ways)100 Pennies & 0 Dimes90 Pennies & 1 Dimes80 Pennies & 2 Dimes70 Pennies & 3 Dimes60 Pennies & 4 Dimes50 Pennies & 5 Dimes40 Pennies & 6 Dimes30 Pennies & 7 Dimes20 Pennies & 8 Dimes10 Pennies & 9 Dimes0 Pennies & 10 Dimes

How many pennies are in a roll of pennies?

50 pennies of course.

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