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Q: How many different squares in a 5 dot by 5 dot?
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How many squares in a 5 dot by 5 dot area?

25 spuares

How many different combinations can you make with 5 squares?

one hundred and twenty

How many shapes can you make with 5 squares?

You can make 12 different shapes (counting flips) with 5 squares set orthogonally (not diagonally). These are called pentominos.

How many squares are there on a 5 by 5 checkerboard?

There are 25 squares on a 5 by 5 checkerboard.

How many squares in a pack?

How many squares are in one single pack

How many squares are in a square?

1? there are 5 squares in A square.

How many squares in a 5 X 5 grid of 25 squares?

relevant answer: 25

How many squares are in 5 by 5 square?

25 squares because 5 times 5 equals 25

How many squares do you have when you take 5 away from 6 squares?


How many different shapes can you make with 5 squares and they can't be the same when you turn it and all the shapes have to touch?


How many squares of any size are there in a 5x5 grid?

The answer depends on whether the 5*5 grid is 5*5 points or 5*5 squares (like a mini chessboard). If 5*5 chessboard 1 square of 5*5 4 squares of 4*4 9 squares of 3*3 16 squares of 2*2 and 25 squares of 1*1 making 55 squares in all. If 5*5 points then 1 square of 4*4 4 squares of 3*3 9 squares of 2*2 and 16 squares of 1*1 making 30 squares in all.

How many numbered squares are on a bingo card?

A U.S. bingo card is a 5 by 5 matrix; that is, it has 5 rows and 5 columns, so the total number of squares is 25. The square in the center is the free space, the remaining 24 squares are numbered. U.K. bingo cards are very different, and there are other types. See Wikipedia.