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There are 8*8 = 64 such numbers.

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Q: How many different two-digit numbers can be written if each digit must be one of the integers from 1 to 8 inclusive?
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What numbers are between 7 and 77?

The integers 8 to 76 inclusive.

How are integers different from whole numbers?

Whole numbers are integers. Integers are whole numbers.

How are the integers and rational numbers are different?

They're not different. The integers are a part of the rational numbers.

List the integers from 1 to 20 inclusive that are multiples what numbers?

We won't be able to answer that without knowing the numbers.

How are the integers and natural numbers different?

Natural numbers do not include negatives. Integers do.

How many integers between 1000 and 9999 inclusive does the digit 3 occur?

There are 3168 such numbers.

What is the sum of the numbers 1 to 99?

The sum of all the integers between 1 and 99 inclusive is 4950.

Why the set of mixed numbers is not a subset of the set of integers?

Mixed numbers and integers are different things.

How many positive integers between 1 and 250 both inclusive that are divisible by any of the integers 2357?

193 of them are divisible by one (or more) of the given numbers.

How are integers and natural numbers different?

Integers are all positive and negative whole numbers, and natural numbers are all positve whole numbers including zero. So, natural numbers is a subset of integers.

How many integers from 1 -100 inclusive are divisible by 5 and 9?

Divisible by both? 2 numbers... 45 and 90

How many positive integers with exactly three decimal digit positive integers between 100 and 999 inclusive divisible by 7?

Of the 729 numbers that satisfy the requirement of positive integers, 104 are divisible by 7.

What if the numbers in addition and subtraction in integers are the same but the sign is different?

You are likely to get a different answer.

What is the rule for dividing integers?

When dividing numbers that are different the answer will be negative.

What are the different sets of numbers?

whole number integers natural

How is the set of integers differ from the set of whole numbers?

They are not different.

How are integers and rational number different?

All integers are rational numbers, not all rational numbers are integers.

What are different names for Numbers?

The different names for Numbers are defined as Natural numbers, whole numbers , real numbers, decimal numbers, integers, rational numbers and irrational numbers.

Give the different kinds of real numbers?

Natural numbers or Counting numbers Integers Rational numbers Irrational numbers

How are integers and rational numbers different?

All integers are rational numbers, not all rational numbers are integers. Rational numbers can be expressed as fractions, p/q, where q is not equal to zero. For integers the denominator is 1. 5 is an integer, 2/3 is a fraction, both are rational.

What are distinct integers?

Integers are whole numbers, positive, negative or zero. Distinct merely means different.

How many digits are between 1 and 238?

Counting all integers from 1 to 238 inclusive, there are 606 digits between these two numbers.

Are Some real numbers integers?

All integers are real numbers, but not all real numbers are integers.

Are some whole numbers are not integers?

No. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

How often are whole numbers integers?

Always. By definition the Integers are the whole numbers; and the whole numbers are the integers.