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5 groups of 5. 25/5=5 ; 5 x 5 = 25.

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Q: How many different ways can you divide twenty five equally?
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What is twenty-two over twenty-five as a decimal?

.88 (divide 22 by 25)

What happens when you divide twenty into five equal groups?

You will have four in each of the five groups.

How do you turn five sixths into five twenty-fourths?

Divide it by 4 or multiply it by 1/4.

What is 9.4 million divide by 365?


How many different types of barracudas are there?

Twenty five.

How do you divide up 8 hours and 30 minutes into five equally?

If 8hours 30minutes is divided into five equal intervals,then each interval is 1hour42minutes.

What is one fifth divided by five?

One twenty-fifth. To divide by 5, you multiply the denominator by 5.

What is the difference in two and four?

The difference is that they are both numbers. Two plus five is not thirteen. You can't divide thirteen equally...Sorry!

How Five friends divide three bags of apples equally between them write as a fraction?

It is 3/5 bags of apples each.

What percent of fifty five is twenty two?

forty per cent (40%) The answer is forty percent. Simply divide twenty two by eleven, the answer is two. Now divide fifty five by eleven and you end up with five. This equals two over five, then convert this into a percentage and you get forty percent.

What is word form of 25?

It is twenty five.

How can 2.25 be written 5 times in word form?

two and twenty-five hundredthstwo and twenty-five hundredthstwo and twenty-five hundredthstwo and twenty-five hundredthstwo and twenty-five hundredths