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There are 10 dimes in one dollar. One dime is one-tenth of a dollar.

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Q: How many dimes are there in a dollar if one dime is 10 cents One dime is what fraction of a dollar?
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Related questions

Three dimes is what percent of a dollar?

A dime is 10 cents, and three dimes is 30 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so three dimes is 30/100ths of a dollar. The term "percent" means hundredths, and since there are 30 hundredths of a dollar in your three dimes, you have 30% of that dollar in those three dimes.

How many dimes are worth a dollar?

A dime is 10 cents. A dollar is 100 cents. Divide 100 by 10, and you get......10. Ten dimes to one dollar.

How much is 3 dimes?

A dime is a unit of currency in the United States and it is worth ten cents. So 3 dimes is equivalent to 30 cents and there are a 100 cents in a dollar.

Do 5 dimes make 1 dollar?

A dime is ten cents, so five times makes 50 cents. A dollar is 100 cents, so five dimes only makes half of a dollar.

Nine dime is what fraction of a dollar?

9 dimes are worth 90 cents or pennies. There are 100 pennies in a dollar and therefore 9 dimes is 90/100ths of a dollar. This simplifies to 9/10ths.

Nine dimes are what fraction of a dollar?

A dime is one tenth of a dollar, so nine dimes is nine tenths (9/10) of a dollar.

What fraction of a dollar is nine dimes?

A dime is one tenth of a dollar, so nine dimes is nine tenths (9/10) of a dollar.

How many dimes are in 55 dollars?

a dime = 10 cents, there 10 dimes in a dollar. 55 dollars x 10 dimes = 550 dimes

How many dimes are there in 1 dollar?

1 dollar = 100 cents 1 dime = 10 cents so , 1 dollar has 10 dimes

What fraction of 1 dollar is 1 dime?

1/10 because there is 10 dimes in a dollar and one of those dimes is 1 tenth

What fraction of a dollar is one dime?

First of all, how many cents is a dime? It's 10 cents.How many cents is a dollar? 100 cents.So to find the fraction of a dime in a dollar.... make the dime (10 cents) the numerator and the dollar (100 cents) the denominator so...dime/dollar or 10 cents/ 100 centsBy now you would see that 10/100 is the equivalent of 1/10 or 10%.So.... one dime is 10%, 0.1, 1/10 or one tenth of a dollar.One tenth

How many dimes make 80 cents?

One dime equals ten cents.Therefore, there are 8 dimes in 80 cents.

How many dollars in 100 dimes?

every dollar = 100 cents every dime = 10 cents 100 dimes = 10 cents x 100 = 1000 cents 1000 cents / 100 cents = 10 groups of 100 cents every group of 100 cents = 1 dollar. So $10

A dime is fraction of a dollar?

The American dime is equal to ten cents, or one tenth of a dollar.

How many nickels and dimes make a dollar?

Each dollar is worth 100 cents; each nickel is worth five cents; each dime is worth 10 cents. You can put together any combination of nickels and dimes you like to make up one dollar.

How do you make dimes and nickels into a fraction?

A dime is 1/10 of a dollar. A nickel is 1/20 of a dollar.

What is 2 dimes equal to?

1 dime = 10 cents 2 dimes x 10 cents = 20 cents 2 dimes is 20 cents :)

How many dimes make 11.09?

It is impossible to form $11.09 out of dimes. A dime equals 10 cents, and you can't have 9 cents from a dime.

How much are 15 dimes worth?

15 dimes have a face value of $1.50. Since each dime has a face value of 10 cents you would multiply $.10X15=$1.50.

How many dollars 456 dimes are?

A dime is ten cents (0.10) or 1/10 of 1 dollar. So 456 dimes is equal to $45.60 (456 * .10).

What percent of a dime is a dollar?

A dollar is 10 dimes SO a dollar is 1000% of a dime.

What is one tenth of a dollar?

in U.S. money, 1/10 of a dollar is ten cents (a dime).

How many cents are in 5 dimes?

1 dime = 10 cents so 5 dimes = 50 cents. Simple!

How much is 8 dimes in coins?

One dime is worth 10 cents, so 8 dimes is 80 cents.

What 3 coins add up to 65 cents?