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Q: How many distinct triangles are there in a 3 by 3 square?
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How many distinct triangles are there given?

It depends on the question you are asked. There are never 3 distinct triangles; there can only be 0,1, or 2 distinct triangles. Idk if that helps because the question is kinda general.

What 3D shape has a square and 3 triangles?

There can be no closed 3D shape with only one square and 3 triangles.

What 3 dimenional shape can you make using 4 triangles and 1 square?

you can make a square based pyramid using 4 triangles and a 1 square

How many number of triangles in a pentagon?

3 triangles

Is square both as rectangle and a triangle?

A square is a rectangle.A square is not a triangle. Triangles only have 3 sides.

How do you make a squair with three triangles?

You can make a square with 3 right angle triangles The smaller triangles will be halve the size of the larger triangle

How many triangles are there in a Pentagon?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon.

How many triangles in the star?

There are 3 to 10 triangles in a star.

How many vertices does a square triangle have?

3 squares and 4 triangles will have 24 vertices. There will be 4 vertices for each of the 3 squares. Since there are 3 squares, that will be 12 vertices. There are 3 vertices for each of the 4 triangles. Since there are 4 triangles, that will be 12 vertices. 12+12=24.

How many triangles are in a square?

There are no triangles in a square. A triangle is a 3 sided figure. A square is a 4 sided figured classified as quadrilateral meaning it has 4 sides. A triangle can be any size, as long as it has 3 sides. A quadrilateral can also be any size it just has to have 4 sides as well.

How many triangles are in a pentagon and how many sides?

A pentagon has 3 triangles and 5 sides

How many different triangles can you shade in a pentagon?

There are 3 triangles in a pentagon

How many edges does a triangles have?


How many vertices do triangles have?

They have 3

How many triangles of triangle?


How many corners do a triangles have?


How many triangles in a pentagon image?


How many angles in triangles?

3. Tri=3

How many corners or vertices does a triangles have?


What do you call the shape that has 3 squares and 2 triangles?

square based prism?

How many triangles and rectangles are in a triangular prism?

2 triangles and 3 rectangles(:

How many triangles in an hexagon?

3 triangles make up a hexagon.

How A pentagon can be divided into how many triangles by drawing all of the diagonals from 1 vertex?

Three triangles

How many sides does 3 triangles?


How many lines of Symmetry are in Triangles?