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0.47 dollars in 47 cents

Answer: 0.47

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Q: How many dollars make 47 cents?
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How many cents are in 47 dollars?


How many dollars are in 2153693963075557766310747 pennies?

21,536,939,630,755,577,663,107 Dollars and 47 cents.

How many US forever stamps can I get with four dollars?

Eight, at 47 cents each

How rich is Stephen Hawking?

He has 47 dollars in the bank and 12 cents in his pocket.

What was the price of gas in Canada in 1970?

47 cents

How much is 18 nickels?

90 cents

How many dollars are 47 pounds?

about 23 dollars.

Who is on the 1942 fifty cents piece?

Lady Liberty. Half dollars 1916-47 are the "Walking Liberty" style.

What fraction of a dollar is 47 cents?

It is 47/100 or 47%

47 cents is what fraction of a dollar?


What 5 coins make 47 cents?

25 cents two dimes two dimes

What is half of 94 cent?

It is 47 cents.

You have 87 cents what two things would you buy 47 40 37 cents?

40 47

4500 yen equals how many us dollars?

it equals to about 47 US Dollars.

1935 how much did a gallon of milk cost?

47 cents, for a gallon. When you think that a gallon of gas was only 19 cents 47 cents was expensive... Huh.

What 7 coins make 47 cents?

4 dimes, 1 nickel, 2 pennies

What 6 coins make 47 cents?

1 Quarter 2 Nickels 2 Pennies 1 Dime.

How much does a union electrician make in NJ?

47 dollars an hour

What is 30 million pounds in us dollars?

I think its 47 million dollars in us dollars.

What is 20 percent off from 47 dollars?

What is 20 percent of 47 dollars

141 dollars is 47 percent of what amount?

141 dollars is 47% of $300.00

Cost of eggs in 1942?

47 cents

What is the cost to send a letter?

47 cents

What is (63)47 cents?


How much did a carton of cigaretts cost in 1977?

In 1977, a carton of brand name cigarettes cost about 4 dollars per carton. One pack individually would cost about 47 cents.