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Will 18 inches could probably be girls standing doll. Minus 4 inches from 18 inches is "THE KILLER DOLL." Chucky. You can buy in any figure of Chucky anywhere in United States Florida over $20.00 obviously! But that is where you can buy high quality things. Because my family friends live in Florida they buyed 2 chucky dolls fro $50.00. And I'm going to buy one to. So 14 inches will look way cooler then 18 inches.

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Q: How many dolls are 18 inches tall?
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How tall are the Happy Family Dolls?

Midge and Grandma Hadley are 11 1/2 inches tall. Allan and Grandpa Hadley are 12 inches tall.

How tall is Americans?

American girl dolls are about 18 inches. not exact tho. i have 2: Julie (19 inches) and kit (17 inches) hope it helped! =]

How big are American girl dolls around?

Measurements taken on American Girl doll, GwenDoll has tightly stuffed cloth body and vinyl arms, legs, head, and sleep eyesChest - 11.75 inches (29cm)Waist - 11.5 inches (28.5 cm)Hips - 12 inches (30cm)Across shoulders - 4.5 inches (10.5cm)Shoulder to waist - 5 inches (13cm)Top of arms - 4.75 inches (13cm)Circumference of lower arm - 4.5 inches (11.5cm)Waist to below knees - 7.25 inches (18cm)Waist to ankles - 9.5 inches (24cm)Girth - 17.25 inches (43.5cm)Head, as if wearing a beret - 12.5 inches (32cm)Neck - 7 inches (18cm)Inseam - 5.5 inches (14cm)Calf circumference - 5.25 inches (13cm)Ankle circumference - 4.25 inches (10cm)Length from just below knee to ankle - 3 inches (7.5cm)See the related link for further information.

Are heart to heart dolls 18 inches?

No they are not they are 14 inches

What scale are American dolls?

Their 18" inches,

Are there any American Girl Dolls taller than 18 inches?

No. They are all 18 inches.

How tall are collector Barbies?

Unless you are talking about the 18-inch SuperSize Barbie or the 36-inch My Size Barbie, the dolls are 11 1/2 inches tall.

How big are design a friend dolls in inches?

18 inches or 46 cm

Do your Generation doll shoes fit the American Girl doll?

Since both dolls are 18 inches tall, they should fit both the same.

How many inches tall was the original movie in King Kong in a real life?

18 inches

What types of accessories does the American Girl doll store offer their customers?

American Girl is the name of an American line of dolls. The dolls portray young girls from all cultures, and are all 18 inches tall. They offer many accessories for their dolls on their site like holders, skates, storage boxes, sunglasses, watches and boots.

A warehouse has boxes that are 18 inches tall and other boxes that are 30 inches tall. How many boxes will be in wash stack?

none its a werehouse