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A dozen = 12 so the answer is 108 divided by 12. Get your calculator out. This ain't no free homework answer service! :)

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This is no hlel
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9 is the answer of this

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Q: How many dozen in 108?
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How many dozen in nine gross?


How many items are in 9 dozen items?


How many eggs are in 9 dozen?

Since there are 12 eggs in one dozen, the formula you need is 9 x 12 or 108 eggs total.

How much is 108 dozen?

1 dozen = 12 108 x 12 = 1296

How many are there in 9 dozen egg sandwiches?

9 x 12 = 108

How much is9 dozen eggs?

A dozen is 12. So 9 dozen means 9 x 12. -That is 108.

What does nine dozen mean?

A dozen is twelve. 9 x 12 = 108

9 dozen items equals how much items?

A dozen is 12 so 9 dozen is 108 items

Dozen in nine gross?

1 gross is a dozen dozen, so 9 gross would be 9 dozen dozen, or 108 dozen. Unless I did the math wrong; you'd better check it yourself.

How much is 9 dozen?


How many eggs are there in 9 dozen eggs sandwiches?

Assuming that there is 1 egg in each sandwich there would be 108 eggs.

How much is 8dozen eggs?

108 eggs equals 8 dozen eggs

How many egg sandwiches can be made with 9 dozen eggs?

Assuming you were using one egg in each sandwich you could make 108 sandwiches.

How many is a dozen?

A dozen is 12.

How many oranges in a dozen?

12 Anything in a dozen is 12

How many in a half of dozen?

A dozen is twelve, half a dozen is 6.

How many 30p stamps are there in a dozen?


How many in one dozen?

12 equals one dozenA dozen is 12.

How many 2 pence are there in a dozen?

A dozen is twelve. There are 12 anythings in a dozen.

How many dozen candy plates?

There are 12 in a dozen and 13 in a baker's dozen

How many is 1 dozen?

A dozen is 12, as in a dozen eggs. A half-dozen is 6 and 2 dozen is 24.

How many is in 1 dozen?

A dozen is 12, except when referring to a baker's dozen, which is 13.

How many dozen equals 1 gross?

12 as gross is dozen dozen or 144

How many dozen atoms of hydrogen are present in a dozen molecules of h20?

2 dozen

How many dozens are in 3 fourths dozen?

3/4 dozen or 0.75 dozen.