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48 pieces is equal to 4 dozen.

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Q: How many dozens are 48 pieces?
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How many dozens are 36 pieces?


How many pieces of meat in three ounces?

Depends on how many pieces you cut it into. It could be a single piece or dozens if you mince it.

How many dozens in 144 pieces?

Divide 144 by 12 for the answer.

How many pieces of chocolate in a Cadbury block?


How many eggs in 4 dozen?

there are 48 eggs in 4 dozens 1 dozen = 12 eggs 4 dozens = 12*4 = 48 eggs4 dozen is 4*12 = 48

The bakery makes 28 blueberry Pieces. It makes times as many Apple pieces . It makes 48 pieces?


How many 5 cents pieces will equal2.40 cents?


How many pieces of 48 inch licorice can 8 people get?


How many pieces of 2 cm by 6 cm can be cut from 32 cm by 48 cm cartolina?

128 pieces.

How much dozen is 48 roses?

A dozen is 12, so 48 roses would be 4 dozens.

How many legs do a dozens cats have?

if 1 cat has 4 legs then 12 cats have 12X4 = 48 legs

How many 4-ounce pieces of beef are in 3 pounds?

There are 16 ounces in 1 pound, so 3 pounds x 16 ounces = 48 ounces 48 ounces / 4 ounce pieces = 12 pieces

How many pieces of paper does a person use each day?

14-48 on average!

If you have 48 pieces of strawberry candy and 32 pieces of lemon candy how many bags of candy will you have if you have the same amount of each candy in each bag?

One bag

What is two-third of four dozens of eggs?

32 is two thirds of 48 eggs

Working together A and B finish work in 16 days.If A does twice the work B does how many days does A take to finish the work alone?

The whole job takes 16 days.If you carve up the job into 48 pieces, then (48/16) = 3 pieces were done each day,of which 'A' did 2 pieces and 'B' did 1 piece.Since 'A' does 2 pieces of work a day, and a whole job consists of 48 pieces,it takes him (48/2) = 24 days to do the whole job alone.

What helps you with magic on RuneScape?

Magic is influenced by dozens of pieces of armour, amulets, rings, and potions.

How many sensors are on a 2002 Concorde?


7.5 cupcakes is how many dozens?

.625 dozens

How many dozens does 144 eggs have?

12 dozens.

How many sheets of paper does one person use in one day?

a person uses 14 to 48 pieces a day

How many dozens in 720?

here are exactly 60 dozens in 720!

How many eggs are there in 12 dozens?

There are 144 eggs in 12 dozens

How many dozens are 119?

9 dozens will 11 left over.

How many dozens are 900 eggs?

There are: 900/12 = 75 dozens

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