How many dunams are in an acre?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It seems to depend on where you are. From

"The Dunum is a traditional unit of land area in the Middle East and the Balkans. The unit is of Turkish origin, but it seems to be obsolete in modern Turkey. As it is commonly used today in Israel and Palestine and in Croatia and other areas of the former Yugoslavia, the dunum is a metric unit equal to 1000 square meters or 0.1 hectare (about 0.2471 acre). The traditional size seems to have been around 900 square meters. In Mesopotamia and Arabia, the dunum was a larger unit, traditionally in the range of 2500 to 4000 square meters. In modern Iraq, the dunum is now standardized at 2500 square meters (about 0.6179 acre)."

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Q: How many dunams are in an acre?
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How many dunams are there in 55 acres?

A dunam is usually now 1000 square meters, though in the past it has varied in different countries. So 1 dunam = 0.247 acre.

How many acres are in a dunam?

I'd like to know where you're from, because "dunam" is a term used rarely in America. Most don't even know what it is! But since you're asking, here's the extended version of the answer:A dunam in modern times is 1,000 square meters; this is equal to 10, 763.91 square feet.An acre is 43, 560.174 square feet.Since an acre is much larger than a dunam, I'm wandering why you're not asking, "How many dunams are in an acre?"So I'm going to answer both question to eliminate any confusion.There is less than one-fourth of an acre in a dunam (0.2471043 to be exact).And there are over four dunams in one acre (4.0468727 to be exact).

How many dunams in a hectare?

10 dunams in 1 hectare.Just enter this in the Google search box: 1 hectare in dunamsThank you Google.

How much is 5 acres in square kilometers?

I'll answer approximately. A square kilometer is exactly one thousand dunams, and a dunam is roughly one-quarter acre. So five acres would be roughly one-fiftieth of a square kilometer.

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