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10755.7 Earth days.

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Q: How many earth days are in a year on Saturn?
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How many Earth days are in a Saturn year?

A Saturn year is equivalent to 29.7 Earth years. It takes Saturn 10,832 earth days to complete a single orbit around the sun.

How many days dose Saturn have?

Saturn's day is about 10.656 Earth hours long. Saturn's year is 24,205 of its days long.

How many days makes one year Saturn year?

Saturn takes 10,759.22 Earth days to make one orbit of the Sun.

How many earth days does Saturn have in a year?

For Saturn to complete one revolution around the Sun of our solar system, it takes 10759 Earth days.

Is the length of a year on earth the same as the length of a year on Saturn?

No, Because a year on Saturn is 10,832 days while earth's is 365.25 days.

How long is the year on Saturn?

A Saturn year is equivalent to 29.7 Earth years. It takes Saturn 10,832 Earth days to complete a single orbit around the sun. Saturn's year is 29.447498 Earth years long, which is about 10,756 Earth days.

How many days is a Saturn year?

A year on Saturn lasts about 10,759 Earth days (29.46 Earth years). Using the average length of a "day" on Saturn of 10 hours, 34 minutes (time for rotation outside the equatorial zone), this is about 24,491 Saturn days.

How many earth days in a year on saturn?

good question but sorry i cant answer that

How old would a nine year old be on Saturn?

I think it depends on their gender

How long is one year on Saturn?

(earth days) It is 24.95 years or 10519 earth days.

How many days does it take Saturn to revolve the sun?

The planet Saturn orbits the Sun once in 29.7 Earth years, or 1 Saturn year.

Length of yearearth days on plantets?

A year on earth is 365 days. A year on Venus is 224.7 Earth days and a year on Mercury is 88 Earth days. A year on Mars is 687 Earth days and a year on Saturn is 29.7 Earth years long.

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