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Usually none.

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Q: How many edges does a wheel has?
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What is a car rim?

The outer edges of the wheel. The wheel is what the tire is mounted onto.

What is a wheel with jagged edges like teeth called?

A gear

What do you use to soften the sharp edges when making resin pendants?

You can use a buffing wheel (stitched or sewn for a firmer wheel) and plastic polish, this will soften the edges quite nicely. Tip: do not apply a lot of pressur, just enough to soften the edges

How many edges does a rectangulr prism have?

12 Edges is how many edges a rectangular prismhas

How many edges does a rhombic dodecahedron have?

24 edges.24 edges.24 edges.24 edges.

How many edges has corner?

none its how many edges does a corner have

How many edges are in a cube?

A cube has twelve edges.

How many edges are on the hexagonal pyramid?

there are no edges * * * * * I disagree. there are 12 edges.

How many edges does trangular prism have?

6 edges No, 9 edges

How do you remove a plastic wheel cover?

a plastic wheel cover normally clips on. Use a tire tool or screwdriver to pry around the edges and pop the cover loose from the wheel.

How many edges do a cube have?

8 edges

How many edges does the cube have?

12 edges.