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30 eggs = two and a half dozen.

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Q: How many eggs are in two and a half dozen?
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How many eggs are in two and one half dozen?

30 eggs are in two and a half dozens.

How many eggs are in two and a half dozen eggs?


Number of eggs in 2-half dozen?

well, if you have a dozen, that's twelve, and half of that which is six. the number of eggs in two half dozen cartons are twelve eggs!

How many eggs are there in two dozen?

24 eggs are the equivalent of two dozen eggs. A dozen is 12, while a baker's dozen is 13.

How many eggs does it take to make a dozen?

it takes 12 eggs to make a dozen A dozen eggs is the same as twelve eggs. If you have 12 eggs you formaly have a dozen. It takes 24 eggs to make a dozen two-egg omlettes. Depending on your recipe, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 eggs to make a dozen glasses of eggnog.

How many eggs are there in a package of two dozen?


If a chicken and a half can lay a egg and half in a day and a half how many eggs can be laid by two dozen chickens in two dozen days?

Each chicken takes a day and a half to lay one egg. So in 24 days each chicken can lay 2/3 of 24 = 16 eggs. There are 24 chicken so, in all, 24*16 = 384 eggs can be laid.

You eat two eggs from a dozen how many left?

There are 12 eggs in a dozen. Eating 2 will leave 10 left.

How many cupcakes is in two and a half dozen?

1 dozen = 12 so 2.5 dozen = 2.5*12 = 30. Simple!

What is two and one half dozen?

Two and a half dozen is equal to 30. Each dozen is 12, and a half a dozen is 6, so the equation you can use to figure that out is 12 x 2 + 6 = 30.

How do you write expression for two dozen eggs?

24 eggs

How much is two thirds of a dozen eggs?

8 eggs

How many dozen eggs does the lad Gaston eat every morning?


Why would two grades of eggs be needed?

There are extra large, large, medium and small hen eggs on sale - and the size governs the price charged per half dozen.

What was the cost of a dozen eggs 2011?

about two dollars!

What part of a dozen is eight eggs?


How many medium eggs equal two large eggs?

2 and 1/3. medium eggs are at least 21 ounces per dozen. large eggs are at least 24 ounces per dozen. two large eggs are 4 to 4.25 ounces. 2 and 1/3 medium eggs are 4.08 to 4.33 ounces.

How many thirty two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

2 and a half.

How many eggs did dragons lay?

Depending on the species, there could be as few as two (for some Western breeds) or as many as a dozen (from lindworms).

How many eggs are there in two thousand dozen?

umm im pretty sure 24,000 because,2,000x12 = 24,000

How do you write two dozen eggs as an expression?

I think it's 12e

How many is two dozen?

One dozen equals 12. Two dozen equals 24.

What fraction of two dozen is half of a dozen?

1/4. The ratio is 2: 1/2

If it takes a chicken a day and a half to lay an egg and a half how many days does it take for two chickens to lay two eggs?

1 day

How many eggs do reptiles lay in one batch?

Impossible question to answer as it varies from species to species, anywhere from one or two to several dozen.

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