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4... i think

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Q: How many eights are in one half?
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Related questions

What is one half plus three eights in fractions?

seven eights. 1 half = 4 eights add 3 eights and you get 7 eights.

What is One and five eights minus one half is how many inches?

The answer is 1.425 .

What is larger one half or three eights?

one half.

What is one half plus two eights?

it is 6 eights or 3/4

7 and a half - 5 and seven eights equals?


How many ml are in one eights teaspoon?

About 0.6 ml - a heaping half millilitre.

How many eights are equal to one half?

Four Eighths are equal to 1/2.

What is one half of one eights?

One half of one eighth is one sixteenth or 1/16.

How many eights are equal to a half?


Which is bigger one half or three eights?

one half because 4 eighths would be a half

How many eights is the same as one and one eights?


One half plus five eights is what?

One and one eighths.

Is three eights greater than half?

no, three eights is one eighth less than one half. Imagine it as a pizza with eight slices. If you take 3, there is still one more piece left in your half.

What is half of three and one eights?


What is four eights in its lowest terms?

one half

What is 1 half added to 5 eights?

1 half added to 5 eights = 6

What is one and one half plus three eights?

one and seven eighths

What is the answer to x equals two and one half minus one and three eights?

x=2.5-1.375=1.125 which is one and one eights.

How many eights in one whole?

Eight one eights make a whole.

How do you change four eights in to a decimal?

four/eights simplified would be one/half so it'd be 0.5

Is 1 half greater or less than 3 eighths?

One half (1/2) is greater than three eights (3/8) because one half is equal to four eights (4/8).

What is 10 and a half times 15 and one eights?


What is one half added to five eights?


Is five eights more than one half?


What is one and five eights divided by a half?

Two fifths

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