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A right triangle can have 2 equal angles if they are each 45° (any other right triangle will have no equal angles)

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Q: How many equal angles can a right triangle have?
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How many equal angles and right angles has a obtuse triangle have?

An obtuse triangle can have no right angles, and has two equal angles.

How many congruent angles does a right isosceles triangle have?

It has 2 equal base angles

How many equal sides and right angles does an equilateral triangle have?

An equilateral triangle, has 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles. However, in a regular equilateral triangles, none of these angles are right angles (90 degrees), they are all 60 degrees.

How many equal right angles has an isosceles triangle got?

none - it's an isoscelese triangle it doesn't have right angles. It has two equal angles (both acute) and one other andgle (also acute)

How many degrees does a right triangle equal?

The 3 interior angles of a right angle triangle add up to 180 degrees

How many equal angles will a equilateral triangle have?

An equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides and 3 equal angles of 60 degrees.

How many congruente angles does a triangle has?

If it is an equilateral triangle then it will have 3 equal angles If it is an isosceles triangle then it will have 2 equal angles plus another different size angle

How many sides does a right angled triangle?

ALL triangles have three sides and three angles. The three angles always add up to 180 degrees. A right angled triangle has one 90 degree right angle and two smaller angles. No triangle can have any parallel sides. An equilateral triangle has three equal sides and therefore three equal 60 degree angles.

How many equal angles does an equalateral triangle have?

3 equal angles and 3 equal sides

How many equal angles does have a scalene triangle have?

no angles in a scalene triangle should be equal. its called a scalene triangle because none of the angles or sides ar similar or congruent.

How many angles in an isosceles tryangle are equal?

Two angles are equal in an isosceles triangle.

How many equal angles are in a isolceles triangle?

There are 3 angles in an isosceles triangle and they add up to 180 degrees Two of the angles are of equal measurement