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4 triangular lateral faces

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Q: How many faces are there to a square pyrmaid?
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How many vertices and faces does a square pyrmaid have?


How many faces does a triangular pyrmaid have?


How many faces does a pyraid have?

im guessing you mean pyramid, If its a standard square based pyrmaid then it will have 5 sides.

How many more verticles does a square pyrmaid have than a triangular pyrmaid?


How many vertexs does a square pyrmaid have?


How many faces edges and vertices does a heagonal pyrmaid?

A hexagonal pyramid has 7 faces, 12 edges and 7 vertices.

How many faces vertices and edges does an octagonal pyrmaid have?

An octagonal pyramid has9 faces 9 vertices 16 edges.

How many edges corners and faces does a square based pyrmaid have?

faces: 1 square base + 4 triangular sides = 5 faces corners: 4 round the square base and one at the top where the sides meet = 5 corners edges: 4 around the square base and 1 between each of the 4 sides = 8 edges

How many faces edges and vertices does a pentagonal pyrmaid have?

A pentagonal based pyramid has 6 faces, 10 edges and 6 vertices

How is a square pyrmaid different from a cylinder?

A square pyramid has a square base and four triangles attached to each of the square's edges which meet at a vertex (the apex) above the square.A cylinder had two parallel circular faces with a curved surface joining them.

How many lines of rotational symmetry does a square based pyramid have?

a square based pyrmaid has 24 lines of symitry

How many rectangle faces does a square have?

A square does not have rectangular faces.