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If the prism is based on regular decagons and it is a right prism, all 12 faces.

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Q: How many faces have pairs of parallel edges in a decagonal based prism?
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How many faces vertices and edges does a decagonal pyramid have?

A decagonal based pyramid will have 11 faces, 11 vertices and 20 edges

How many faces have parallel edges in an heptagonal based prism?

It has 9 faces It has 21 edges Its end faces are parallel to each other

How many edges faces and vertices are on a decagonal prism?

Edges = 30 Faces = 12 Vertices = 20

How many faces edges and vertices does a decagonal prism?

12 faces 20 vertices 30 edges

How many faces verticies and edges does a decagonal prism have?


How many edges vertices faces does a decagonal pyramid have?

20 edges, 11 vertices (corners) and 11 faces.

Does a octahedron have any parallel faces or edges?

its has parallel faces and edges

How many vertices and edges does a decagonal prism have?

Vertices: 20 Edges: 30 Faces: 12

How many parallel edges and faces does a octahedron have?

An octahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 8 polygonal faces. There are 257 topologically different convex octahedra. The number of parallel edges or faces will depend on the particular octahedron. A heptagon-based pyramid, for example, has no parallel edges nor parallel faces.

How many faces have perpendicular edges in a decagonal based prism?

Assuming a regular decagon is the base of the prism, it would be 10 faces. With an irregular decagon, it is possible that two (or more) of the edges of the decagons are perpendicular, so all 12 faces could have perpendicular edges.

How many edges does a decagonal prism have?

19 * * * * * Actually it is 30 edges. Ten around each of the decagonal faces, and ten more connecting the corresponding vertices of the two decagons.

How many pair of parallel faces does a triangular based pyramid?

A triangular-based pyramid, also called a tetrahedron, has no parallel faces, but has 4 faces, 6 edges and 4 vertices

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