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7 faces, 7 vertices's, 12 edges.

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Q: How many faces verticies and edge does a hexagonal prism has?
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Is every edge of a hexagonal prism perpendicular to eight others?


How many faces a hexagonal nut have?

It have six (as in hexagonal) around the edge, a top and bottom face and the hole in the middle with the thread. So it have 8 faces.

How many faces does a polygonal prism have?

A polygonal prism has one face for each edge of the polygon, plus two faces for the ends. Example, a triangular prism has five faces.

How many faces edge vertices does a nonagonal prism have?

A nonagonal prism has nine faces. It has a total of 18 vertices. A nonagonal prism also has 27 edges.

A line segment at which two faces of a prism meet?

Technically, that's known as an "edge" of the prism.

What is an edge for triangular prism?

An edge of any solid shape is the line where two faces meet.

What is a line segment at which two faces of a prism meet?

That would be an edge.

What has lateral faces that are rectangles and a lateral edge is an altitude?

right prism

How are the cone and pyramids alike?

The cone and the pyramid both have a base and a tip. The cone has a circular base and only 2 faces, 1 edge, and 1 vertex. The pyramid can have 4 verticies, 6 edges, and 4 faces; or 5 verticies, 8 edges, and 5 faces.

How is a prism different than a convex lens?

A prism has 3 flat faces while a convex lens has two curved faces. However the edge of a convex lense has a similar geometry to two adjacent faces of a prism.

Name of the line segment at which two faces of a prism meet?

That would be an edge.

Is verticies and edge the same thing?

no. vertices are corners basically, and edges are edges. Eullers theorem Faces+Vertices=Edges+2.

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