How many fairytales there are?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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50 different classics, many different versions of each of the classics. You are looking at a lot of fairytale books. The one most commonly used would be Cinderella, or Snow White.

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Q: How many fairytales there are?
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What is the title of the book with a princess in it?

There are many books with princess in it. The first one that comes to mind it The Princess Bride. If that's not it, maybe try googling it with as many details from the book that you can remember. There are also numerous fairytales about princesses, so it could be one of many fairytales as well.

Does fairy tale love exist?

No, it doesn't. Fairytales are what mothers tell their children to make them happy. Fairytales are fiction, and so is love. Bottom line, love and fairytales dont exist, so no.

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