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40 ft by 250 ft is equal to 10,000 square feet which converts to 0.23 acres.

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Q: How many feet across forty acres?
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How many feet in forty acres?

Answer: 40 acres = 1,742,400 square feet.

How many square feet in forty square acres?

well look this up how many acres in 1742400square feet on google and it says 40

How many feet per side to forty acres if square?

1,320 feet per side.

How many acres is forty nine thousand square feet?

1 Acre=43,560 SqFt. Therefore, 49,000 SqFt= 49,000/43,560= 1.1248852157943067033976124885216 Acres or 1.125 Acres (approx)

How many square feet is 1.18 acres how many square feet is 1.18 acres?

1.18 acres = 51,400.8 sq feet.

How many acres in 450 feet x 300 feet in acres?

3.09917 acres.

How many acres in 700 feet x 1300 feet in acres?

20.89 acres.

How many acres are 210 feet X 630 feet?

How many acres are 310 feet * 630 feet

How many acres is in 120 feet x 900 feet in acres?

108,000 square feet or 2.479 acres.

How many acres is 40 feet by 185 feet?

About 0.17 acres.

How many acres is 500 feet by 467 feet?

5.36 acres.

How many acres is 200 feet by110 feet?

0.505 acres.