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20 yards x 3 feet (in a yard) = 60 feet

60 feet are in 20 yards

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Q: How many feet are equal to twenty yards?
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Seven yards is equal to how many feet?

Seven yards is equal to twenty-one feet

How many feet does twenty two yards equal?

20 feet is 6.67 yards.

How many cubic feet are in twenty five cubic yards?

25 cubic yards is equal to 675 cubic feet.

How many yards is in 60 feet tall?

Because one yard equals three feet, sixty feet is equal to twenty yards.

How many yards are there twenty feet?

6 and two-third yards are in twenty feet.

How many feet equal twenty seven yards?

There are 3 feet to a yard. This would give you 81 feet.

How many feet are there in twenty seven yards?

27 yards = 81 feet

How many yards in twenty six feet?

26 feet is 8.67 yards.

How many yards in twenty-nine feet?

9.66 yards in 29 feet.

How many feet is equal to 63 yards?

189 feet is equal to 63 yards.

30 feet equal how many yards?

30 feet equal 10 yards.

105 yards equal how many feet?

105 yards is equal to 315 feet. 

How many feet are equal to 24 yards?

120 feet is equal to 24 yards.

Twenty ft is how many yards?

Twenty feet is 6 and 2/3 (6.6666666666666666666667) yards.

413 feet equal how many yards and feet?

137 yards and 2 feet.

How many yards and feet equal 56 feet?

18 yards 2 feet

How many feet is in three equal yards?

There are 9 feet in three equal yards all together

How many yards are in twenty two feet?

It is 7 1/3 yards.

How many yards equal 417 feet?

417 feet = 139 yards.

How many feet does 2000 yards equal?

2,000 yards is 6,000 feet.

9 yards equal how many feet?

9 yards = 27 feet

How many yards equal 7 feet?

Seven feet = 2.3 yards.

493 feet equal how many yards?

493 feet are 164.333333 yards

How many feet equal 2 yards?

Six feet = two yards.

156 feet is equal to how many yards?

52 yards are in 156 feet