How many feet are in 5yards?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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A clue to get you started: 3 feet = 1 yard...

yeah so if there are 3 feet in 1 yard then it equals 15 feet

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Q: How many feet are in 5yards?
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How many feet are in 5yards 2ft?


5yards minus 9 feet equals how many yards?

5 yards - 9 feet = 2 yards

How many feet and inches are in 5yards?

1 yard = 3 ft 1 ft = 12 inch Go figure !

How many inches are in a 5yards?

180 inches.

How many meters are in 5yards?

I think it is around 4.752 meters..

How many inches are in 5yards?

36x5 = 180 inches in 5 yards

If the perimeter is 5yards and 7yards what is it?


How many square yards of carpet is needed for a 15x20 room?

15ft x 20ft= 5yards x 20/3yards 100/3 sq yards =33.3333333333 sq yards

Who is the only player in nfl history to carry the ball atleast 3000 times and average 5yards a carry for his career?

jerome bettis

Length equals 7yards width equals 5yards height equals 3yards. What is the cubic yard?

7*5*3 = 105 cubic yards

How many feet by how many feet is 640 cubic feet?

1000 feet

How many feet are in a 46feet x60 feet?

how many feet are in 46 feet x60 feet