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and acre is 208' X 208' = about 43,500 sq ft 10 X10 acres = 100 acres. 10 Acres across would be 2080 feet, with each side the same, 2080 X 4 = 8320 ft = circumference

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Q: How many feet are there in the circumf ernce of a 100 acre lake?
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How many acre feet of water in lake superior?

Lake Superior has a volume of almost 9.8 billion (9,799,680,000) acre-feet.

How many gallons of water are in a sixty acre lake that is twenty feet deep?

A sixty-acre lake averaging 20 feet deep has a volume of 391,021,200 gallons.

Lake Eufaula shore line and acre feet of water?

Lake Eufaula has a shoreline distance of 600 miles (965.6 km) and a water volume of 2,099,000 acre feet.

How many gallons of water does a 1000 acre lake that is 7 feet deep hold?

A 1000 acre lake that is 7 feet deep (uniformly) will have 7000 acre feet of water in it. An acre foot is an acre of water one foot deep, and the unit is used to measure reservoir water capacity. The conversion factor is that one acre foot equals about 325,851.5 gallons. The lake in question is holding 7000 times 325,851.5 gallons of water.

How big is the Brownwood Lake in Michigan?

Lake Brownwood is 150 acre with a water depth of 70 feet.

How many gallons of water are in lake pleasant?

Lake Pleasant, Arizona has 653062 acre-feet which is 212,801,184.619.474 gallons.

If a lake has 5 square acres of surface area with a depth of 4 feet how much water will it hold?

There is no such thing as a square acre. The unit of area is simply called acre. An acre has 43,560 square feet, so you simply multiply 5 x 43,650 x 4. Answer is in cubic feet. =======================================> 20 acre-feet

How big is shasta lake in redding California?

The lake has 365 miles of shoreline and is the third biggest lake in California and has a water capacity of 4,552,000 acre feet

What are the top ten largest man made lakes?

I believe the largest in North America is Lake Powell at 126 mi long in Arizona. It was created when the Glen Canyon Dam was built on the Colorado river. As for the next nine...? Lake Powell is actually the 2nd largest. The sizes of artificial lakes is measured by volume, and in the United States this is typically measured in acre-feet. The values reported here are for the "normal" volume for which the lake was designed. Of course, variations in climate will cause lakes to fluctuate over time, sometimes being larger or smaller than reported here. 1. Lake Mead (Arizona and Nevada) — 28.5 million acre-feet in volume 2. Lake Powell (Arizona and Utah) — 24.3 million acre-feet in volume 3. Lake Sakakawea (North Dakota) — 23.8 million acre-feet in volume 4. Lake Oahe (South Dakota) — 23.5 million acre-feet in volume 5. Fort Peck Lake (Montana) — 17.9 million acre-feet in volume (An acre-foot is the amount of water required to cover one acre of ground to a depth of one foot. It is 325,851 gallons, or 1,233,500 liters.)

How many acre-feet are in Lake Ontario total volume equals 393 mi3?

393 cubic miles equates to 1,328,025,600 acre-feet. This is equal to 432,700,000,000,000 (432.7 trillion) gallons of water.

What is an acre feet?

It is a measure of volume usually used when measuring the water in a lake or large reservoir. An acre foot is the amount of water that it would take to cover one acre of land with one foot of water.

What is the circumference of a 6 square acre lake?

Since 'circumference' refers to a circle, if the lake is a circle with an area of six acres, the circumference would be: 2,563 feet.

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