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It depends on how many feet there is from the floor to the ceiling, and how thick the ceiling is......

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that varies between 10-12 feet

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Q: How many feet in a one story building?
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How many inches are in one story of a building?

how many inches and feet r in a one story house with 14 yd

How many feet in a one story buiding?

There's about 12 feet in a one story building.

How many feet tall is a 42 story building?

One story is generally around 10 feet, so a 42 story is probably 420 feet.

How many feet is 10.5 story building?

The normal height of one story is 10 feet, hence, 10.5 stories would be 105 feet.

How tall is 10 story building?

A ten story building is a one hundred foot tall building because usually a story is ten feet tall so multiply ten by ten and you get a hundred feet.

How many feet high is one story?

A story is a narrative which may or may not be true. It has no height - unless you consider the height of the book in which it appears. Each story of an average building is about ten feet (three meters).

What is the average height of one story commercial building?

12 to 18 feet.

How tall is a 6 story building?

One story usually equates to about 10 feet counting all the space between floors for utilities. So a 6 story building would be at least 60 feet tall.

How high is a 9 story building?

The measurements could be anything, but if you want to approximate dimensions the height could be about 10 feet per floor so a reasonable hieight would be about 1,000 feet tall. The floor plan could be 100 feet by 100 feet.

What is one story high?

A one-story building or structure typically refers to a building that has only one level or floor above ground. This kind of building is common in residential areas or for smaller commercial buildings.

What is a single story building?

a single story building is one that has only one level on it.

Can a one story building be 30 feet high?

of course it can because the builderes build it and it depends on how high the celing is from the floor.