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61 inches is equal to 5.083 feet.

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Q: How many feet is equal 61 inches?
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What is the surface area of the box 61 squared inches What is the surface area of the box if it is scaled up by a factor of 10?

The squared area of the box, from the question itself, is 61 square inches. Scaling up the linear dimensions by a factor of 10 will make the area 6100 square inches.

Numbers that divide into 61?

1, 61 (61 is a prime number).

What is the measure of length equal to 5.7cm?

The measurement you are referring to to is a nail. 1 nail = 3 digits = 21⁄4 inches = 1⁄16 yard = 5.715cmThe measurement dates back to Anglo-Saxon England. The Anglo-Saxon system started with the most basic unit of measurement being a poppyseed, which was approximately 1/4 barleycorn.3 barleycorns (the length of 3 corns) = 1 inchThis archaic measure is still the basis for current UK and U.S. shoe sizes, with the largest shoe size taken as thirteen inches (a size 13) and then counting backwards in barleycorn units, although the original derivation was: less than 13 barleycorns: infants with no shoes; 13 to 26 barleycorns: children's sizes 1 to 12; 26 to 39 barleycorns: men's sizes 1 to 13.Other units of measurement were:The digit: 3/4 inchThe finger: 7/8 inchPalm: 3 inches,Hand: 4 inches,Shaftment: 61/2 inches (reduced to 6 inches after 1066),Span: = 3 palms = 9 inches,Foot: originally 13 inches, 12 inches after 1066,Cubit: 18 inchesEll: = 20 nails = 45 inches = 11/4 yards,Yard (introduced after 1066) = 3 feet = 36 inchesFathom: 6 feetRod: Originally 20 feet (260 inches), after 1066 redefined as 161/2 feet, (198 inches)Chain: = 4 rods,Furlong: Originally the distance a plough team could be driven without rest. Now deemed to be 660 feet, 40 rods or 10 chains,Mile: Originally like the Roman mile set at 5000 feet. The Roman mile was divided into 8 stadia. The closest English equivalent was the furlong, so the mile was increased to 5,280 feet to accommodate 8 furlongs,

What the radius of a circle with diameter d 61 yd?

The radius of a circle is equal to half of it's diameter. If you want to figure out the radius from a given diameter, simply divide the diameter by two:Radius = Diameter / 2Radius = 61 / 2Radius = 30.5 yd

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