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A standard sofa is about 7.5 or 8 feet long.

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Q: How many feet long is a standard sofa?
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What is standard height for mirror to be hung in living room over sofa?

7 feet

What is the standard size of three seater sofa set?

over 82 inches long

How many feet should a sofa be from a coffee table?

what kind of question is that .how long is a piece oof string,HOW EVER LONG U WANT IT TO BEWHAT U THINK

What are the dimensions of a Queen Sofa Bed?

There are lot of variations but a standard queen sofa bed will measure approx 84 inches wide and 90 inches long. From here you can buy queen sofa beds.

What is the standard size of a furniture?

What is the standard size of a sofa?

Will a sofa that is 103 inches by 103 inches fit in a room that is 13 feet by 15 feet?

As long as you can get it through the door.

What is standard size of sofa?


What is the width of a standard sofa?


What is the standard height of a sofa seat?


What is the standard height of a sofa?

A three seat sofa has a standard size of 76 inches in length, 30 inches deep and 31 inches in height.

What is the standard height of sofa legs?

2 inches

Average length of sofa?

It is about 10 feet

Sofa Table how long and high should a sofa table be?

It depends on how high and long you want it. Generally the sofa table is behind the sofa near the top of the sofa. However, if you don't want too much showing over the sofa you would want one lower towards the middle of the sofa.

What is standard height of sofas backrest?

There is no "Standard" but typically about 37 inches from floor to top of the sofa.

What is the standard depth of a sofa seat?

30 inches deep

What size accent tables should I place on either side of my oversized, black leather sofa?

Depending on the size of the black leather sofa. The avg size is around 5 feet which will pretty much look great with any standard size black leather sofa. tall ones one round one square

How do you tell if you have an original Duncan Phyfe sofa?

This one is a 3 cushion sofa in Ashes of Rose tapestry Fabric with turned out feet and a carved top bar. It is low and very uncomfortable to sit in very long.

How many meters are in a sofa?

There is no such unit of measurement as a sofa.

What is Standard one seat size for sofa set?

Standard one seat size for sofa set one person 60 CM ,2PERSON 120CM , 3 180CM BY AMERICAN ANTHROPOMETRY

What is the standard size of a sofa sitting?

ImproveThey could run anywhere from about 33 to 36 inches deep, and can be from maybe 58 to 71 inches long.

Where can a person purchase a leather reclining sofa?

A leather reclining sofa can be purchased form many different stores. Some examples are Sofa Sofa, DFS, Sofas Direct, and Sofa. They can also be found at many other homeware stores.

How far from the electric baseboard heaters can a sofa or bed be?

3 feet

Can a sofa table be as long as the sofa?

yeah it can be what ever size you want but it looks good either way

What are some benefits of having a reclining sofa?

There are many benefits to having a reclining sofa. You can firstly use it to relax in and put your feet up. It can also be better for your back if you have pain. It's a lot more comfortable too.

Standard coffee table length?

The standard length of a coffee table can vary. This is because the length of a coffee table usually coincides with the length of the sofa it will be used with. The coffee table should be one-half to two-thirds the length of the sofa.