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Grams is a measurement of weight and yards is a measurement of length so it is hard to say definitively how many yards in any one package. That said, however, I checked one fingering weight yarn and it said 50g is 1 3/4 ounces. You might like to check several different manufacturers to compare.

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Q: How many feet of yarn are in 50 gram ball?
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How many yards of yarn is on a 100 gram ball of KFI Ripple?


How large is the largest ball of yarn?

Probably about hundreds of feet

How many ounces in a hank of yarn?

1 oz = 28.34 grams 1 gram = 0.03 oz

How many yards are in a 300 gram skein of sport weight yarn?

Approximately 1000. However, brands vary. It should give the measurement on the ball band.

How many yards equal 50 grams of yarn?

You can not determine how many yards from the weight of the skein or cone. 50 grams is 1.75 ounces but it would depend on the exact thickness and type of yarn to know how many yards. The thicker the yarn the less the yards as a rule. Example a 50 gram ball of sport yarn can be anywhere from 110 to 170 yards give or take , but a 50 gram ball of bulky can be anywhere from 30 yards to 60 yards give or take ..

How big is the biggest yarn ball in the world?

8 feet tall and 11 feet wide!!! about the size of grants head

How many yards of fingering yarn are in 50 gram ball?

it varies by company , type of yarn ( like wool , acrylic, blends, etc) but as a rule it would be around 200 yards up to about 275 yards . at 200 yards you would be figuring safe

How long is a ball of wool?

The number of metres in a ball of wool varies with the weight of the ball and the thickness of the yarn and the composition. Some balls of wool or yarn are 25 grams, some are 50 and others are 100 grams. A 50 gram ball of 8 ply (light worsted) pure wool will have around 100 metres but a 50 gram ball of a mixed 8 ply yarn (wool and acrylic) can have up to 200 metres. But then again a 50 gram ball of 12 ply wool (chunky) will only have around 50 metres.

What stores carry Yarn Ball Winders?

There are stores that carry yarn ball winders. One such store is Joann, a fabric and yarn store, and the yarn ball binder there is $40. Another store is Knit Picks. The yarn ball winder there is only $20.

What is the predicate The kitten likes the ball of yarn?

The predicate is, "likes the ball of yarn."

Where is the largest ball of yarn located?

The largest ball of yarn is located in Cawker City, Kansas, USA. It weighs over 20,000 pounds and continues to grow as people contribute yarn to it. The ball is a popular roadside attraction for visitors.

Where is the biggest ball of yarn on the east coast US?

The largest ball of yarn in the U.S. is located in Darwin, Minnesota, not on the East Coast. There is no record of a large ball of yarn on the East Coast.