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There are 5 fifths in 1, so there are 10 fifths in 2 and add 2 to that to get 12

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Q: How many fifths are there in two and two fifth?
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What is one fifth plus two fifths?

One fifth PLUS two fifths = 3 fifths

How many halves make a fifths?

Two fifths of a half makes a fifth.

What is two fifths divided by one fifth?

Two fifths divided by one fifth is two.

How many fifth are there in two wholes?

Ten fifths.

What is two times one-fifth?

two fifths

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

What is one fifth times two?

two fifths

What is one fifth of two?

two fifths, or 0.4

What is one fifth of thirty two?

One-fifth of thirty-two is six and two-fifths.

What is six and one fifth minus two and four fifths?

3.4 or three and two fifths

What is two fifths of 50?

One fifth of 50 is 10 therefore two fifths = 20

What fraction is less than three fifths?

two fifths, one fifth

What two fractions make three fifths?

1 fifth and 2 fifths

What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

One fifth x 5?

The answer is ONE (1). If you have one-fifth, and multiply it by two, you have two fifths.Five fifths is exactly the same as ONE (1).

How many fifths there are in 3 and 1 fifth?

that's an easy one! there is 16 fifths in 3 and 1 fifth

What is one and three fifths plus two and one fifth?

Three and four-fifths

What is 4 and one fifth minus 2 and two fifths?

1 and 4 fifths.

How many tenths are in two fifths?

There are four tenths in two fifths. Each fifth is the same as two tenths, so two fifths is four tenths.

How do you write two fifth of three fifth?

2/5 = two- fifths3/5 = three-fifths

What is 4 and two fifths multiplied by 3?

4 and two fifths multiplied by three is 13 and 1 fifth.

What is four plus three and two fifth?

seven and two fifths

How do you answer two-fifths of ten?

one fifth of ten is the same as 10/5 which is the same as 2 so two fifths of 10 is twice what one fifth would be. Therefore 2 fifths of ten is 4.

How many fifths are in two tenths?

2/10 = 1/5 (divide by two) So there is one fifth in two tenths.

How many minutes are in two fifths of an hour?

There are 60 minutes in an hour.Divide that number by 5 and you get 12 minutes each fifth.Multiply one fifth of an hour (12 minutes) by 2 and you get 24 minutes, which is two fifths of an hour.