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Ten fifths make two wholes.

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How many fifths are in two wholes

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How manny 5ths are there in two wholes

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Q: How many fifths make two wholes?
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Related questions

How many fifths make up to two wholes?


How many fifths in 3 wholes and two fifths?


How many fifths are in two wholes three fifths?


How many fifth are there in two wholes?

Ten fifths.

How many two-fifths are there in 2 wholes?


What is the answer for two wholes minus three fifths?

One whole and two fifths

What is the mixed number for two wholes and three fifths?


How many one - fifths are there in 2 wholes?

There are ten fifths to two wholes. For example, a whole pie is cut into five slices. Each slice is one fifth of the whole pie. If you have two pies then you must have 5 x 2 = 10 slices (or ten fifths of two pies).

What is five wholes and two fifths in an improper fraction?

It is 27/5.

How do you write 3 wholes and two fifths as a mixed number?


What is ten wholes divided by three fifths?

Ten wholes is ten - period. Three fifths is 60% or .60. Ten divided by .60 is 16.666, or more familiarly, sixteen and two thirds.

How many tenths make up two wholes?

There are ten tenths in a whole. Therefore: 10 X 2 = 20 (twenty tenths in two wholes).

How many halves make a fifths?

Two fifths of a half makes a fifth.

How many thirds are in three wholes?

How many thirds are there in two wholes

How many fifths make 2 whole 3 fifths?

Well, two whole are 10 fifths, and add them to the 3 you allready have, you get 13 fifths.

What is three wholes and one third plus three wholes and two fifths?

10/3 + 17/5 = 50/15 + 51/15 = 101/15 = 6 and 11/15

How many tenths make two fifths?

4/10 is the answer

How many two fifths are in two?

there is five-fifths in one. ten-fifths in two, so there are five two-fifths in two.

How many eights are in two wholes.?


What do you add to three fifths to make 1?

Two fifths.

How many sevenths are in two wholes?

14 of them.

What is two wholes and one third minus two fifths?

It is: 2 and 1/3 minus 2/5 = 29/15 or 1 and 14/15

How many halves are there in two-fifths?


What two fractions make three fifths?

1 fifth and 2 fifths

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