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Why would you need to know that?and it's 20,000

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Q: How many fifty dollar bills in one million dollars?
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How many 20 dollar bills in a billion dollars?

There are fifty million (50,000,000) 20 dollar bills in a billion dollars.

How many fifty dollar bills does it take to make one million dollars?

1,000,000 / 50 = 20,000

How many 100 dollar bills in fifty thousand?

There are 500 - 100 dollar bills in fifty thousand.

How many fifty dollar bills does it take to make five thousand dollars?

$5000/$50 = 100 fifty dollar bills ==============

How does a million American Dollar looks like?

It looks like ten thousand one hundred dollar bills. Or does it look like twenty thousand fifty dollar bills? I can never remember.

How do you write a check for fifty million dollars?

Fifty million and 00/100 dollars

Can you give me sixty-three dollars using six pieces no dollars and no cents?

One fifty - one five - and four two dollar bills equals 6 bills totalling 63 dollars

What is 1 percent of fifty million dollars?

One percent of $50,000,000 (fifty million dollars) is $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars, or half a million dollars).

How many five-dollar bills would you get for a fifty dollar bill?

You would get 10 five dollar bills.

Do they still make fifty dollar bills?


How do you write quarter million dollars?

There are four quarters in a dollar. A quarter (1/4) of a million dollars is equal to 250,000 dollars, since four times that would give you a million. In word form, it is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

How many dollars does a million quarters equal?

Because four quarters makes one dollar, two hundred fifty thousand dollars would be comprised of one million quarters.

What is the value of 2 2004 fifty dollar bills in good shape?

Exactly 100 dollars! Now give us a harder one.

How many twos are worth 1 fifty?

25 two-dollar bills is equal in value to one fifty-dollar bill.

How many five-dollar bills can you get for one fifty-dollar bill?

Only ten!

What is five percent of fifty million dollars?

25 million ?

How many 100 dollar bills in fifty-thousand?

50,000/100 = 500

How many 2 dollar bills would make 100?

fifty 100 / 2 = 50

How many half dollar in half dollars in a dollar?

Half a dollar is fifty cents.

How do you write 6.15 million in dollars?

Six Million One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars.

How do you write 3 half-dollars in dollars and cents notation?

A half-dollar is $0.50 ( fifty cents); three half-dollars is 3(.50) = $1.50 ( one dollar and fifty cents)

How do you write 2818156 in dollar amount?

two million, eight hundred eighteen thousand, one hundred fifty-six dollars.

How much is 200 fifty dollars bills total?

200 $50 bills are worth $10,000.

How many fifty bills in 800 dollars?

There are 16 $50 bills in $800.00

How many dollars are in fifty one million pennies?

510,000 dollars