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1 dollar/5 cents = 100 c/5 c = 20

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Q: How many five cent in one dollar?
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How can you describe five cent in words?

it is five percent of a dollar/euro. it is one twentieth of a dollar/euro

How many five cent equal to one dollar?

16 5-cents in a dollar.

What percent of one dollar is twenty five cent?


How many five cent coins are equal in value to a one dollar coin?

20 = 100 / 5

What money is president Lincoln on?

Cent , one dollar , five dollars

How many cents are in a hundredth of a dollar?

There is one cent in a hundredth of a dollar.

If you had a dollar for every dollar you had and you had one dollar but bought a 0.25 cent candy prior to the deal you just made how many dollars would you have?

Assuming that you did not get a cent for every cent you had, the answer is none.

How many yen is one dollar?

About 1 cent.

What is .001 percent of a dollar?

One thousandth of a cent. [One percent of a dollar is one cent.]

What percent of one US dollar is 25 cent?

what percent of one U.S dollar is 25 cent?

How many mils in one dollar?

There are 1000 mils in one dollar. A mil is a tenth of a cent.

How many five cent coin equal one dollar?

You can calculate this as follows. 5 cents = 0.05 dollars. Just divide 1 / 0.05.

1987 commonwealth of the Bahamas five cent value?

A five cent coin from the Commonwealth of the Bahamas from 1987 was one of a series produced from 1974 to 2005. One in good condition might be worth upwards of a dollar in value.

What percent of 1 is 1 half-dollar?

It depends on what percent of 1 WHAT! Of one dollar, one cent, one billion?It depends on what percent of 1 WHAT! Of one dollar, one cent, one billion?It depends on what percent of 1 WHAT! Of one dollar, one cent, one billion?It depends on what percent of 1 WHAT! Of one dollar, one cent, one billion?

Does 001 equal one cent?

One cent = 0.01 dollar

How many dollars are in 25 cent?

1/4 of one dollar

How many cent equal to 1 dollar?

In US money, one dollar is worth 100 cents.

What is the money that represents one cent?

a one cent coin, which is worth one hundredth of one dollar

Is one tenth of a penny equivalent to one hundredth of a dollar?

A cent is one hundredth of a dollar (in fact, the word "cent" is from a Latin word meaning "hundred"). So no, one tenth of a penny is not one hundredth of a dollar. (It is actually one thousandth of a dollar.)

How many pence in one dollar?

There are no Pence in One Dollar, the subunit of the Dollar is most commonly the cent, and there are 100 cents in a Dollar. There are 100 Pence in 1 Pound (GBP).

What is one percent of one dollar?

1 cent.

How many ways to make change of one dollar?

99. 99 cents to one cent spent.

How many five-dollar bills can you get for one fifty-dollar bill?

Only ten!

What kind of money do North America have?

America uses the American dollar and Canada uses the Canadian dollar. The American dollar is based mainly on multiples or divisors of ten, much like the decimal system. The smallest coin in circulation is the cent or penny, which is worth 1/100th of a dollar. There is then the five-cent coin, called a nickel, which is worth five cents or 1/20th of a dollar. The ten-cent coin, called a dime, is worth ten cents or 1/10th of a dollar. The twenty-five cent coin is called a quarter because it is worth 1/4 of a dollar. Though not widely in circulation, there is half-dollar or 50-cent coin, worth 1/2 of a dollar. The dollar itself comes in both coin and paper forms, though the paper form is used nearly exclusively. Starting with one-dollar we get into paper money or what we refer to as "bills." There is a two-dollar bill, but not widely in circulation. From there we go up to a five-dollar bill, a ten-dollar bill, a twenty-dollar bill, a fifty-dollar bill and a one- hundred dollar bill. There are larger denominations of bills, but again they are not widely circulated. As an example, if something cost 7 dollars and 69 cents ($7.69) and you paid for it with a ten-dollar bill ($10.00), you would receive 2 one-dollar bills, a quarter, a nickel and one penny ($2.31) in return. I'm not sure if the Canadian dollar works the same.

How many five dollar bills are in a hundred dollar bill?

one hundred dollars is equal to twenty times five dollars, but there are NO five dollar bills in a hundred dollar bill.