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one hundred dollars is equal to twenty times five dollars, but there are NO five dollar bills in a hundred dollar bill.

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Q: How many five dollar bills are in a hundred dollar bill?
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How many five-dollar bills would you get for a fifty dollar bill?

You would get 10 five dollar bills.

Is there such thing as a five hundred dollar bill?

Yes there used to be a five hundred dollar bill. President William McKinley was featured on the face of bill. The five hundred dollar bill stopped being produced in 1934.

Whose face is on the five hundred one thousand ten thousand one hundred thousand dollar bills?

not a makable bill

What is the same as 72 quarters in dollar bills?

a ten dollar bill, a five dollar bill, and three one dollar bills. That's $18 total

How much is a five hundred dollar bill worth?

Five Hundred Dollars

How many five dollar bills to make one hundred?


How many one hundred dollars are there in five hundred thousand dollars?

There are 5000 dollar bills.

What is the value of a federal reserve note five hundred dollar bill?

five-hundred dollars

Is it legal to use a cut ten dollar bill as 2 five dollar bills?


How many five-dollar bills can you get for one fifty-dollar bill?

Only ten!

How much money do you have to give out to each person in littlest pet shop monopoly?

5 one dollar bills, 4 two dollar bills, 3 three dollar bills, 1 four dollar bill and 1 five dollar bill.

Who is on the front of the 500 dollar bill?

William McKinley is found on the observe of the five hundred dollar bill.

what makes $46.00?

2 Twenties Dollar bills 1 Five Dollar bill 1 One Dollar bill

How much is a Canadian five dollar bill worth?

five hundred cents

Kate has 780 in five dollar bills and twenty dollar bills If she has 4 more twenties than fives how many five dollar bills does she have?

Kate has 28 five-dollar-bills and 32 twenty-dollar-bills.

Is it legal to use a cut 10 dollar bill as 2 five dollar bills?

Absolutely not.

What are examples of current Canadian Values?

lonnie (1$) toonie (2$) five dollar bill ten dollar bill twenty dollar bill fifty dollar bill and the one hundred dollar bill

When did they stop making the five hundred dollar bill?

The last bills with denominations higher than $100 were printed in 1945, but they carried a series date 1934.

What was the name on the five hundred dollar bill?

If you mean whose PORTRAIT is on the bill, the Series 1928 and 1934 bills carried a picture of President William McKinley. Those were the last $500 bills printed in the US.

Is there a new defective five dollar bill?

There are misprinted bills in every series.

How many American presidents are on American money?

Nine former presidents: George Washington (one dollar bill), Thomas Jefferson (two dollar bill), Abraham Lincoln (five dollar bill), Andrew Jackson (twenty dollar bill), Ulysses S. Grant (fifty dollar bill), William McKinley (five hundred dollar bill), Grover Cleveland (one thousand dollar bill), James Madison (five thousand dollar bill), Woodrow Wilson (one hundred thousand dollar bill). Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill, Benjamin Franklin is on the fifty dollar bill, and Salmon P. Chase is on the ten thousand dollar bill-- but they were not presidents.

Is there a such thing as an US five-hundred dollar bill?

There was but is no longer printed.

How can you make 16 dollars using exactly and only 3 bills?

you use one ten dollar bill, one five dollar bill, and one one dollar bill.

How many 100 dollar bills make 500000?

Five thousand - one hundred dollar bills make $500,000.

Lawrence has a total of 15 five dollar bills and ten dollar bills in his pocket The value of these bills is 100.00 How many five dollar bills are in Lawrence's pocket?


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