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Q: How many fives are equal in value to 75p?
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How many 5p are equal in the value to 75p?

75p ÷ 5p = 15

What is 75p in fractions?

Since £1 is equal to 100p we could write 75p as 75/100 of a pound. Or simplified to 75p = 3/4 of a pound.

What fraction of one pound is 75p?

75p/1pound = 75p/100p = 75/100 = 3/4

What is 297 times 75p?

297 x 75p = 22,275p

What is fraction of a pound is 75p?

75p is 3/4 of £1.

15p of 75p as a fraction?

15p/75p = 15/75 = 1/5

If oranges cost 5 for 75p how many can you buy for 2.70?


What is the value of 1981 prince of wales and lady Diana wedding coin from Westminster Bank?

it is worth around 50p to 75p.

How much is post stamp?


What words add up to 75P?

75P means 75 pence in the British monetary system. It is not 75 US pennies.

What is 1 euro in English money?


What percent of a dollar is 3 quarters?


What is 75p plus 1 pound 70 p?

That's a total of £2.45

What is the cost of 15 items at 5p each?


What is the average cost of a loaf of bread?

75p In morrisons

What is 1.70 minus 95p?

£1.70 - 95p = 75p

How much is moshi monters trading cards?


What is 1 pound take away 75p?

25p ;)

What is the cost of 3 books at 75p each?

the cost is £2.25

When you bought 3 magazines at 75p each how much did you spend?


What is the price of ciabatta bread?

it depends where you get it and how big it is it can be in the region of 75p to £1.30

Where can you get Moshi Monsters mash up cards in England?

you can get them in Salisbury's or WHSMITH for 75p a packet or you can buy them off several websites online for more or less Amazon sell them for 75p with free delivery!

What does a loaf of bread cost in the UK in 2012?

anywhere between 75p and £1.80

How much does a loaf of bread cost in UK?

It costs about 75p-£1:80

What is the cost if 20cm at 75p per meter?