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Q: How many fives are equal in value to the sum of 16p and 14p?
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How many 5ps are equal in value to the sum of 16p and 14p?


What is p2 plus 14p plus 48?

If you mean: p^2 +14p +48 then it is (p+6)(p+8) when factored

What is p multiplied by 14?


What is five lots of 14p worth?


What is 6nx plus 7p - 14p plus 2nx 6x simplified?

6nx + 7p - 14p + 2nx + 6x = 8nx - 7p + 6x

What are five lots of 14p worth?


What is 20 percent of 70p?

20% of 70p = 14p = 20% * 70p = 20%/100% * 70p = 14p

What is 14p plus 14q plus p minus 7q minus 6p?

14p + 14q + p - 7q - 6p = 9p + 7q

How much does a fair trade banana cost?


What percentage of 4.80 is 14p?

It is: 14/480 times 100 = 2.916% recurring 6

What is p2 plus 14p-15 when it equals to zero?


What is 14p-30 equals 11p-18?

So 3p = 12, ie p = 4

How do you solve 10P plus 5P-P?

10p + 5p - p = 15p - p = 14p

How do you factor 27q squared plus 39qp plus 14p squared?

(3q + 2p)(9q + 7p)

What does p stand for in 14p?

In that context, p stands for pence. There are 100 pence in the British pound.

What is 6 times by 7?

If 1/2 costs 14p . Find the cost of 1 1/2 kg

What is the smallest positive integer value of n such that 63n is a multiple of 14?

Let's us say that the pth multiple of 14 is 63n i.e. 14p = 63n.14p = 63n and n = 14p/63....(1)From the relation 1 it is clear that we have to look for the multiple of 14 which is divisible by 63.Method 1:Let's us write the multiples of 14 greater than 63: 70, 84, 98, 112, 126, 140 etc.Is any of these multiples a multiple of 63?126 is the required multiple and it is the second multiple(n=2) of 63.So the smallest value of n is 2.Method 2:The smallest value of n can be found by calculating the LCM of 63 and 14.LCM of x and y gives us the smallest number divisible by x and y.LCM of 63 and 14 is 126. And putting 63n equal to 126 gives:63n = 126n =2

What is 0.14p in pounds?

You cannot have 0.14 of a penny. i.e. I think it's already in pounds and in pence it would be 14p. If you could have 0.14p, then that would be £0.0014

What is 7 times 2p plus 3minus 8 equals 6p plus 29?

Assuming you mean 7 multiplied by just 2p and assuming that p is a variable then p is calculated by: (7 * 2p) + 3 - 8 = 6p + 29 14p - 5 = 6p + 29 14p - 6p = 29 + 5 8p = 34 p = 4.25

Where can I find apparel that is in a petite size online?

Petittes Sophisticate is a well-known clothier for women. The serve women who wear sizes 0p-14p. Their website showcases their collection:

What is the step by step solution to -6p-5 equals -9 plus 8p?

-6p -5 = -9 +8p Add 6p to both sides: -5 = -9 + 14p Add 9 to both sides: +4 = 14p Divide both sides by 14: p =4/14 = 2/7 or 0.2857.. Are you sure that the second term in the equation was -5 and not +5 (as seems more likely)?

What is the value of the 1988 13p Christmas stamp?

The 1988 Christmas issue was initially produced with the lowest value stamp denominated at 13p. Before the set went on sale postal rates were increased, and most of the 13p stamps were destroyed. The same design was reprinted as 14p. However, some stamps printed with "13p" had already been set aside. A few have been found - "13p" errors are very rare, being worth a few thousand pound each.

What does code 1 1 613 14p failure code mean on 2006 internationl truck?

todos los codigos de falla 613_14p son referentes a problemas de aire acondicionado

What are the 14p's of marketing?

-product -price -place -promotion -public -personalization -Packeging -protection -presentation -payment -purse -poch -promise -principle

How do you solve for n when n 15P5 equals 14P6 the answer choices are 6 9 15 and 120?

If n * 15p * 5 = 14p * 6 then n * 75p = 84p n = 84p / 75p n = 1.12 Perhaps you have not phrased the question correctly and/or I have misunderstood as this is not one of your options. Please check and advise.