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There are essentially three forms:

  1. Terminating decimals: 386 or 23.567,
  2. Recurring decimals: 36.572343434... (with 34 repeating),
  3. Non-terminating infinite decimals: these represent Irrational Numbers for which the digits after the decimal point go on for ever without falling into a repeating pattern.
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Q: How many forms can you write a decimal number?
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What three numbers can be written as a decimal but less than one-thousandth?

Write a decimal point, and then write three zeros after it.Now, anything you write after the three zeros, no matter how many digits andno matter how large or small they are, forms a number written as a decimal thatis less than one thousandth.There are an infinite number of them. Here are three:0.00010.00097625940.00000000000008

What is the number 170 as a decimal?

There are many ways to write it. Here's one: 170.00000You can write as many zeros as you want after the decimal point.

How many ways to write 7.5 in decimal form?

An infinite number.

How many places do we need to move the decimal to the left to write the number 120000000000000?

None. If you move the decimal point you will change the value of the number!

How many zeros can be placed after the last digit in a decimal without changing the value of the number?

As many as you can write.

How do you write -4 in decimal form?

4 is a whole number and can never be a decimal.

How many zeros are in 1.20 million?

At least five. If you want to, you can write a decimal point at the end of the number, and then add as many zeroes as you want after the decimal point. They won't change the value of the number.

How do you write deciamals as fractions?

You write the decimal in the numerator, WITHOUT the decimal point. In the denominator, you write a "1", followed by as many zeros as there are digits after the decimal point in the original number. Finally, simplify the fraction if it can be simplified.For example: to convert 2.15 into a fraction, you write this as 215/100, then simplify.

If you write a number in scientific notation how many didgits should be to the left of the decimal point?

On digit (not didgit!).

How do you turn a decimal back into a fraction?

To convert just the decimal portion of a number, write the digits after the decimal point as the numerator over the line. Now for the denominator, write a 1 followed by as many zeros as the number of digits you wrote in the numerator. For example if the decimal was 0.070549, then the fraction would be 070549/1000000 = 70549/1000000

How do you write a decimal number as a fraction?

just take the number after the decimal and put it over a denominator. you know how many zeros the bottom place needs depending on how far away the number is from the decimal. the number in front of the decimal becomes the mixed number.1 = 1/101.11 = 1 1/11.7777 = 7777/10000 see the numbers end 4 places away, so the bottom will have 4 zeros.

How do you write 12 as a decimal?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So the required decimal representation is 12, exactly as in the question.