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About 240 gallons.

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Q: How many gallon of water in a ton of water?
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How many tons equals one gallon?

A ton is a measure of weight and a gallon is a measure of volume. You can't convert them as stated. If the gallon was water, you could say how much of a ton is in a gallon of water.

10000 UK gallon to how many metric ton?

10000 UK gallon to how many metric tonne water

How many gallon in a ton?

there are 31.754 gallons in one ton

How many gallons of water is one ton?

An Imperial Gallon of pure water weighs 10 Pounds. There are 2240 pound in an imperial Ton (note the spelling). (Tonne is metric) Therefore answer is 2240 divided by 10 = 224 Gallon. A US gallon of pure water weighs approximately 8.34 pounds, therefore a 2000 pound US ton of water would contain approximately 239.8 gallons.

1 tons of water equal to us gallon?

1 gallon of water = 8.3453 lbs. 2000 lbs. (1 ton) ÷ 8.3453 = 239.655854...gallons 1 ton of water = 239+ gallons

How many gallon are in a metric ton?

If you convert one metric ton of water to gallons, you would have 264.2 US gallons. This is equal to 220 UK gallons.

Ton to gallon?

There is NO relationship here. -A ton is weight and a gallon is liquid volume.

1 metric ton of LPG how many gallon?


How many Gallons in a long ton?

2240 this is not right there is 8.3454 lbs of water per gallon there is 2240 lbs per LT

How many gallons of water in a ton?

About 240 gallons. The short US ton has 907,1847 kg; the density of water is 1 g/cm3. So the short ton is equal to 907,1847 L. The US gallon has 3,785 411 784 L, so 1 ton is equal (as mass) to 239,65 US gallons of water.

How many Miles per gallon does a 7.5 ton lorry do?


How many gallons in a short ton?

One short (US) ton is 2,000 pounds. A total of approximately 239.52 gallons of water are required to equal that weight at about 8.35 pounds per gallon.

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