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A linear foot is the length of a line and has one dimension: it has no width, so the area to cover is 1621 ft x 0 ft = 0 sq ft which means no paint will be required.

Alternatively, a one dimension thing can be considered to have infinite width, so the area to cover is 1621 ft x ∞ ft = ∞ ft, ie you'll need an infinite amount of paint to paint it.

A linear foot is a measure of length of a line with no width. To paint a line, a width for the line needs to be specified. Also, the depth of the painted line is required as a volume of paint will be deposited.

So the amount of paint required is 1621 ft x width of line x depth of paint. This would then need to be converted into gallons; where you are will affect this conversion as it will affect the size of gallon you use:

In UK, 1 cu ft ≈ 6.229 imp gallons

In US, 1 cu ft ≈ 7.481 US gallons

For example, if you wanted to paint the 11" wide white line that separates a Bus Lane from the other lanes on a UK road with paint 1/10 inch thick you would require:

12 in = 1 ft

volume = 1621 ft x 11 ÷ 12 ft x 1/10 ÷ 12 ft ≈ 12.382 cu ft ≈ 12.382 x 6.229 imp gallons ≈ 77.13 [imp] gallons.

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Q: How many gallons of paint does it take to paint 1621 Linear Feet?
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