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well being a two story home not knowing exact size i would tell you bout 20-25 gallons without ceilings go to to get a quote

Figure basically 300 Sq Ft per gallon. This will change depending on how porous the siding is and how many coats you are applying. Paint companies recommend two coats for a first rate job. You may be over or under depending but this is a good rule of thumb. Same for the trim.

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Q: How many gallons of paint will be needed to paint a two story home?
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How much paint to paint a double wide mobile home?

17 gallons

What happens if you use interior paint on the exterior of house?

i bought 5 gallons of paint for the exterior of my mobile home, did not double check the paint after the clerk mixed it, took it home, gave it to my painter (spanish speaking only) and went to work. He paint half of my house and needed more paint....I went back to the same store, different clerk on duty and she mixed another 5 gallons of paint. This looked different but the labels read exterior semi-gloss, which is what I wanted. When I get home, I discover that the first clerk had mixed interior paint. what will happen to the interior paint on my exterior home.

How many gallons to paint a 4300 square foot house?

Each gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet. To paint a 4300 square foot home, it would take 13 gallons of paint approximately.

How many gallons of paint needed to paint 1900 sq ft home?

An average gallon of interior paint will cover about 260 -300 sq. ft. When you say " a 1900 sq. ft home", that is too vague. You must state the actual wall coverage . - And I'm sure it's not 1,900.

How many gallons of paint would it take to paint the exterior of a 4059 square foot home?

Paint coverage of the type of paint varies between 350 & 450 sq. ft. per gallon. 4059 divided by 400 equals 10.15 gallons of paint required for ONE coat. Ensure to double it for two coats. If the surface is very dry you will find you need more paint. Opposite is also true for surfaces that have been sealed properly. (Added) Take note though, you need to figure the amount of paint needed to paint the wall area of the house, not the living area. So if your wall area is 4059, then yes, about 10 - 12 gallons is enough for one coat. However, if that is your living area, then that will only tell you about how much paint you'll need to paint all the ceilings in the house.

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of my house?

Well the average home takes about 15 or more gallons of paint so depending on the price of the paint it could be around $600 but that is based on a 3000 SqFt house at $40/gallon

What is the cost of labor to exterior paint a 2500 sqft 2 story home wash caulk prime paint 1 coat?

Lots of gray area there, but $2500ish.

How many gallons of paint would it take to paint the exterior of a 6300 square foot home?

I would buy 4 5 gallon buckets per coat, or get the 5th as precautionary measures.

How can you produce paint thinner at home?

how can you produce paint thinner at home

How much does it cost to paint the inside of a mobile home?

One gallon of average paint covers about 280 -300 square feet. -Simply add up how many walls you wish to paint, convert to square feet, then divide that by 300. You then know how many gallons you need. Paint prices vary widely so you will have to consider what kind of paint you want.

Latex Paint?

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How many gallons of paint does it take to paint a 1700 sq ft home?

If 1,700 is the plan measurement ,there is no way to figure out as you have not told us the wall dimensions. -Average paint will cover 270-300 sq ft. Figure out your wall dimensions then divide by 270.

What is the average cost to paint a exterior of a moblie home?

Without knowing the location and condition of the mobile home, there is no way to give a reliable figure. Some rules of thumb are to determine how much paint is needed to paint the surface, determine the cost of the materials, then multiply that by between three and four to determined the cost of the paint job. For a more exact amount, contact three contractors to give you a bid on painting the home.

What paint is needed to make a chalk board on a wall?

There is a specific chalkboard paint made these days. You can find it in home improvement stores. However, you can also easily make your own, the instructions can be found on Pinterest.

How much water does a home require?

We use a number from 75 gallons to 100 gallons per person to work up the capacity needed for a water system. This number would not include other things such as fire portection.

What should I expect to pay for exterior painting on a 3,000 sq. ft. home?

How much should I expect to pay an exterior home painter to paint a single story, 3,000 square foot home?

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How can I determine the cost of painting a home?

I would like to have my home in Newport, RI painted. What is the average cost to paint a single story 2000 square foot house here?

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Where can you get royal purple paint or paint pen to paint a home decor bowl?

Look in your local art store for the pen,and in Home Depot for the paint. if they don't have your exact colour they will tint it.

Learning How to Paint a House?

Painting a house is not as simple as you may think. The surface needs to be prepared, the right type of paint must be selected, and it must be applied correctly. Fortunately, you don't need to hire someone to do this for you. If you own a single-story home and want to do it yourself, your local home store will most likely offer a course on how to paint a house. Everything from technique to priming is covered. You can paint your own home and save hundreds of dollars by attending a class.

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Where can one purchase paint to paint a shed?

Paint can be purchased from stores such as Walmart and Target, and hardware stores like Lowe's Home Improvement and The Home Depot.

Where can you get the yellow paint?

Any paint store or home center should be able to supply you with the paint that you seek.

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