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7,480.52 gallons for every inch of depth

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Q: How many gallons of water in a 12000 square foot pool?
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How many gallon of water in a square foot?

There are no gallons of water in a square foot. Gallons is a unit of volume, and square feet is a unit of area, not volume. If you are asking about cubic feet, however, the answer is there are about 7.5 gallons in a cubic foot.

How many gallons of water per square foot are there in a swimming pool?

Depends on how deep the pool is. Every square foot that is one foot deep has 7.5 gallons in it. So if the pool is 4 feet deep, you'll have 30 gallons for every square foot. A cubic foot actually is 7.481 gallons, or 7.48

What is the unit rate in gallons per square foot for 770 gal of water for every 500 sq ft?

770/500 = 1.54 gallons per square foot

What is 12000 square meters how many foot?

12,000 square meters is about 129,166.925 square feet.

How many gallons of water per square foot?

Gallon is a unit of volume so I assume you meant how many gallons per cubic foot. The answer is 7.48 gallons per cubic foot.

How many gallons are in one square foot?

A square foot has no volume. if you are asking how many gallons are in a cubic foot the answer id 7.4805195.

How much water is in a square of 1 foot?

A square foot cannot hold water its 2 dimensional. What you see is what you get . A one cubic foot container can hold 7.48 US gallons of liquid.

How many gallons are in a 1 square foot?

A gallon is a measure of volume whereas a square foot is a measure of area. So there are no gallons in a square foot and no square feet in a gallon.

How much does 55 gallons of water weigh per square foot?

67.3 lbs

How many gallons of water in a 216 square foot swimming pool?

Depends how deep

Gallons of water to provided one inch in a 200 square foot garden?

About 1,246 Imperial gallons (UK) or about 1,500 US gallons.

How many gallons of water will it take to fill a sixty 64 square foot tank?

== 478.79 gallons, there are 7.481 gallons in a square foot. So that is 64 x 7.481== 478.79.==

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