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1 1/2 galons

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Q: How many gallons per hour are 6 liters per hour?
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8 liters per min equals how many gallons per hour?

Eight liters per minute = about 126.8 US gallons per hour.

How many liters per second are in 5.750 gallons per hour?

To convert gallons per hour to liters per second, you can use the conversion factors: 1 gallon = 3.78541 liters and 1 hour = 3600 seconds. First convert 5.750 gallons to liters: 5.750 gallons * 3.78541 liters/gallon = 21.763 liters. Then, convert hours to seconds: 1 hour/3600 seconds. Finally, divide the liters by the seconds to get liters per second: 21.763 liters / 3600 seconds ≈ 0.00604 liters per second.

How many quarts per hour are in 32 gallons per minute?

If their are 0.5 liters per second how many milliliters are in an hour

How many liters per hour are in 2.5 quarts per minute?

2.5 US quarts per minute is 141.95 liters per hour.

How much gallon per minute does 1000 liters per hour equals how many gallons per minute?

1000 litres per hour equates to 3.667 Imperial gallons per minute or 4.4 US gallons per minute.

Convert 850 usg per hour to liters per hour?

(3.785 is the conversion factor for US gallons per hour to liters per hour). So, 850 USg/h x 3.785 = 3,217.25 liters per hour.

How many gallons of fuel does a large commercial lawn mower use per hour?

3.5 liters

How many Liters per second is 420 gallons?

420 gallons per second is about 1,589.7 liters per second.

How many liters is 4626 gallons?

17,511.3 liters per 4,626 US gallons.

12080 gallons per month into liters per hour?

Use 1 US gallon = 3.785 litersAlso use 1 month = 30 days(12,080 gal/mo) x (3.785 L/gal) x (1 mo / 30 da) x (1 da / 24 hr) = 63.51 liter/hr

95 Gallons Per Minute equals how many Liters per minute?

96 gallons per minute = about 363.4 liters per minute.

How many gallons per liters?