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83.12 gallons

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Q: How many gallons will a container 60 x 16 x 20?
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How many gallons in 1 container?

It could be 497 gallons, depending on the size of the container.

How many cups are in 20 gallons?

There are 320 cups in 20 gallons. (16 cups in a gallon.)

How many gallons of paint will go into a 20 foot freight container?

Assuming the container's dimensions are 20ft x 8ft x 8ft, which is a standard size, the total volume is 1280 cubic feet. One gallon of paint typically covers around 350-400 square feet. Therefore, you would need approximately 3-4 gallons of paint to cover the interior of a 20-foot freight container with two coats.

How many cups of juice can be served from a container that holds two in a half gallons?


How many gallons in a 72 x 18 x 20 container?

Assuming that the given dimensions are inches, it would be 112.2 gallons.

How many standard pallets can fit into a 20' ocean container?


How many gallons will fit in a cylinder 16 inches around 20 inches deep?

Up to 17.4 gallons.

How many gallons in a twenty liter container?

75.7 L. U.S. gallons are different from imperial gallons. 1 Imperial gallon is equal to 4.54609188 litres and 1 US gallon is equal to 3.78541178 litres. Liters on the other hand are the same everywhere. One liter equals 0.26 U.S. gallon or 0.219 Imperial gallon.

20 x 20 container is how many gallons?

20 x 20 is only two dimensions, like length and width, but no height, so it wouldn't be able hold any gallons. You have to add the height measurement, and then the measuring distance. Perhaps it is 20 x 20 x 5, but is that inches or feet or cm? The measuring distance is needed to calculate how large the container is.

A 20-gallon container is filled with 6 gallons of gasoline what fraction of the container is filled with gasoline?


How many pallets fit in a 20 ft container?

if the pallets are 40" by 48" than 16 will fit

How many many gallons of gas does a chrysler minivan hold?

It hold 20 gallons.It hold 20 gallons.