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You will use about 9.2 gallons of fuel on the trip.

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Q: How many gallons will you use if you drive 110 miles if the truck get 12 mile per gallon?
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How many gallons of gas woould be needed to drive 2000 if a truck gets 16 miles per gallon?

To get the number of gallons, simply divide the distance by the miles per gallon. 2000 miles / 16 mpg = 125 gallons

What is cost to drive 750 miles at 4.00 per gallon and truck gets 12 miles per gallon?

750 / 12 = 62.5 gallons.62.5 x 4.00 = $250.00

How much gas should it take to drive 1200 miles on 19 miles per gallon truck at 3.26 a gallon?

1200 miles @ 19 miles to the gallon = 1200/19 = 63.2 gallons. The price does not alter the amount of gas required.

How much would it cost to drive 2000 miles at 4.50 dollars per gallon if your truck gets 10 mpg?

10 MILES per gallon, and we want to drive 2000 miles, so let's divide the total number of miles by our mpg, and that will tell us how many gallons we need. 2000 /10 = 200 gallons. At 4.50 dollars per gallon, and we need 200 gallons, 200*4.50 = 900 dollars needed.

How many miles can you drive with a gallon of gasoline?

My old truck gets 11mpg, so I can go 11 miles.

How far can an 18 wheeler go on 400 gallons of fuel?

That depends on the miles per gallon a particular truck gets. Most will average between 5 and 7 miles per gallon so on 400 gallons that's between 2000 and 2800 miles on 400 gallons.

How much fuel will you use if your truck gets 10 miles to the gallon and im going 150 miles?

150/10=15 gallons

A truck uses 15 gallons to travel 180 miles How much gasoline will the truck use to travel 252 miles?

What you first need to do is figure out how many miles you can travel on one gallon of gas. And then multiply this by how far you're traveling.

How many gallons of gas would it take to travel 290 miles?

My truck gets 14 miles per gallon so it would take 290/14=about 21 gallons. My Honda gets 28 miles per gallon so it would take 290/28=about10.5 gallons.

How much will it cost to drive 500 miles and gas cost 3.70 a gallon?

If gas cost $3.70 per gallon i have an 8 cylendar truck how much would it cost me to drive 266 miles

How much would it cost to drive 830 miles in a truck that gets 13 mpg and gas costs 3.30 per gallon?

830 ÷ 13 = 63.84 gallons 63.84 x 3.30 = $210.69

How much will it cost to drive 900 miles in 16' truck that gets 10 mpg at 3 a gallon?

It will have a fuel cost for the trip of $270.00 (900 divided by 10 equal the number of gallons multiplied by $3.00 per gallon equals the fuel cost).

How much will it cost to drive 2000 miles in a moving truck if gas cost 3.00 per gallon at 5 miles pers gallon?

2000/5 x 3.00. = $1200

How many miles can you get with a quarter tank of gas in a 11.9 US gallon tank?

a quarter tank is about 3 gallons 3 gallons will move my truck about 15 miles and my daughter's tinny car about 90 miles and my grandson's motorcycle about 300 miles.

On a trip of 320 miles Bob's truck averaged 9.2 miles per gallon At the same rate How much gasoline would his truck use on a trip of 440 miles?

440 miles / 9.2 miles per gallon = 47.8 gallons, to the justified number of significant digits (9.2 is limiting; the depressed 8 indicates that it may not be significant).

How many miles per gallon for 7.4 liter gm motor?

In a pickup truck you might get 10 to 14 miles per gallon if you drive conservatively with a 7.4 motor. The same motor in an RV might be lucky to get 7 to 10 miles per gallon.

How much gas money for a 30 gallon car going 1000 miles?

The answer depends on the efficiency of the vehicle in miles per gallon, as well as the price of gasoline. An average automobile goes 20 miles on a gallon of gas. Divide distance by efficiency (1000 miles divided by 20 miles per gallon results in 50 gallons.) If gas costs $3 per gallon, then the fuel used by this car to travel 1000 miles would cost $150 and you would need to fill up twice. If you drive a hybrid at 33 miles per gallon, the cost would be $90 (one tank of gas used). If you drive a truck or SUV at 10 miles per gallon, the cost would be $300 with four fill-ups.

How many miles can you drive when the low fuel light comes on in a 2007 Saturn Vue?

Most vehicles' low fuel light comes on with one to two gallons of gas left. If you know how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets, just figure on one gallon to be safe. For instance... if your car or truck gets 20 miles per gallon, when the light comes on you should figure you have 20 miles AT MOST to refuel.

If your truck gets 15 miles to the gallonsan it holds 15 gallons how many miles can you drive?

15 * 15 or 225 miles. This is if the fuel pump can get every last drop out of the tank !

How many miles per gallon does a 53' truck get?


What gas mileage does a 4 wheel drive 72 Chevy truck get?

If your lucky, About 8 to 10 miles per gallon and I mean lucky.

How many miles to the gallon does the Chevy 1500HD do?

The Chevy 1500HD truck manages to obtain approximately 13 miles to the gallon in the city, and 18 miles to the gallon on the highway. The truck is popular as it is very roomy, but is quite a heavy user of fuel.

What is the average mpg for a 24 foot diesel box truck?

The average miles per gallon for a 24 Ford diesel box truck is 11 miles per gallon. The miles per gallon is dependent upon the driving conditions and the driver.

How many miles does an Isuzu box truck get?

The average box truck miles per gallon is dependent upon the size of the box truck, the size of the engine, and the driving conditions. Most box trucks will get around 10 miles per gallon.

How many gallon's of gas does a ford xlt truck hold in each tank?

22.5 gallons.