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Q: How many gbs will you need for 8 dvds?
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How many mbs in 8 gbs?

8GB is the same as 8192MB.

How much does 8 gb iPhone hold?

8 Gbs

How many GBs do 8021MB equal?

Just under 8, The formula is: Gigs = Megabytes / 1024

How many gbs are on a iPod shuffle?

well answers may vary. it could be 8 or 10. it all depends on how many you want.

How many GBs does the acer aspire one laptop have?

Depends on the model, they come with 120 or 160GB Hard drives and 8 or 16GB SSD Cards

How much memory does 650 songs take up?

Depend on song's quality. If high quality (like .flac)... about 7 - 8 GBs If Low (like 128 kbs) about 4 gbs

How much does a iPad 64gb cost And is it the best out there?

Well that one costs up to $600 and as for if its the best out there, no, all iPods have the same quality as they are produced by the same company. What differs from each iPod is the model and the GBs on it since they range from 8 GBs up to 64 GBs which is the largest capacity found on an iPod.

How many GBs does an 11 year old need on an ipod touch?

Age has nothing to do with how much hard drive space you need on the iPod Touch. If you plan on having hundreds of songs and numerous apps, you should go for the 32 gb, but the 8 gb works just fine if you only have a couple hundred songs, not too many photos, and a few pages of apps.

When NCIS season 8 will in the market?

you can buy the DVDs and get it on iTunes NOW!!

How many DVDs does a lerberg DVD wall shelf hold?

32 8 normal dvd cases per shelf and 4 shelves

How many photos songs and videos will 8 gigabytes hold?

about 1750 songs. i don't know the number of pictures but there is more difference in file size with pictures but definitely more then the number of songs.

Where can you get Jon and Kate Plus 8 dvds cheap?

DVDs of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8" have been spotted at bargain prices at both Dollar Tree and Half Price books. This is only for North American DVDs, it is not clear if there are DVDs of the show available in other regions. Episodes are also easily found on Netflix and Amazon Prime - but the prices on Amazon Prime are no bargain at 3 dollars per episode. When you consider that DVDs of multiple episodes can be found for $3 $5 - the per episode cost on Amazon Prime is not cheap.