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1/8th of students play soccer. 4/7ths of those that play soccer play varsity. Half of the varsity players are girls. If there are 560 students. How many girl varsity players are there? <<<< Thats the explanation of question on top. PLEASE ANSWER WITH STEP BY STEP.

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Q: How many girl varsity players are there?
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How many players are on a basketball team including varsity and junior varsity?


How many varsity soccer players are allowed on a team roster in the state of Michigan?

About 26 players can be on a michigan varsity team in one season.

How many high school varsity baseball players are there in the US?


What is the maximum number of players allowed on a high school varsity and junior varsity soccer team?

It is most definitely 22 players

What does varsity and junior varsity mean?

Varsity means your the athletes and you are the best athletes on the team. Jr.Varsity is the 2'nd best players.

How many total players are allowed on the court at a time in volleyball?

6 (im on a varsity team)

What is the maximum number of rostered players on a girls high school varsity volleyball team - How many players can suit up for a women's high school varsity volleyball game?

most teams i have seen and played on have had 12 to 13

Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?


Can a varsity player also play junior varsity?

Yes, but it depends on the school sometimes, the 2nd and 3rd strings on varsity are actually JV starters. JV players can also play in the varsity games.

What does varsity mean?

a 1st string team mostly consisting of the best players

What do you do well?

I draw and play basketball for the girl's varsity team.

What is 15 P I A R V T?

15 Players In A Rugby Varsity Team

What does 15 P I A R V T mean?

15 Players In A Rugby Varsity Team

What is the maximum number of players allowed on a high school varsity and junior varsity football team?

Every division and state is different. Most have a maximum of 75 dressed with an unlimited roster

What percent of high school athletes succeed in the pros?

About 1 of every 550,000 varsity basketball players.

Can there be varsity in Middle school?

yes. there are many. :&gt;

How many kids play high school soccer?

18 to 20 players per team so roughly 40 boys and 40 girls both if and varsity

How many players are on the field for a U8 soccer team?

It is usually set up with a 4 3 3 well at least that is what most high school junior varsity teams well set up. But than it differs with boys and varsity team they do a 4 2 2 so really u will either have 8 players on the field or 10

How many people are on a men's high school golf team?

as many as there wants to be but there's only 8 varsity and 8 junior varsity spots

Is varsity the same band as varsity fanclub?

Yes - Varsity Fanclub was originally named Varsity but they have added Fanclub to their name.

What are the levels that you play at in volleyball?

freshmen, JV (junior varsity), Varsity varsity is the highest

What do you call the player in a varsity team?

the varsity

When was The Varsity created?

The Varsity was created in 1928.

How do you use the word varsity in a sentence?

In the United States, this word refers to the official team that represents a high school or college in a particular sport. Thus, one could play football with one's college friends for fun, but the one team that competes in the name of that school is called the varsity. (Players on the varsity wear the official school uniform, with the school's colors, and logo on it.) Here's a sentence: Kevin has worked hard to impress the basketball coach, and he is hoping to be named to the varsity this fall.

How many women varsity soccer teams are there since 1987?

What is the women's varsity soccer teams since 1987-2009 in the USA?