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how many milligrams doses a pencil weigh

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20 grams

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this is very helpfull

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Q: How many grams does a pencil weigh?
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Related questions

How many grams does an pencil weigh?

35 grams

How much a pencil weigh in grams?

A Pencil weighs 5 grams. Hope This helps :)

How much does a pencil weigh in grams?

A new pencil can weigh around 25 grams, or depending on the size of it, it may be less.

Would you weigh a pencil with a gram or kilogram?

Grams. About 14 Grams

How much does a pencil eraser weigh in grams?

It weighs 36g

Would a pencil weigh 14 kilograms or 14 grams?

14 grams

How much does an average pencil weigh?

6 - 10 grams

Can a pencil be 7 grams?

Yes, depending on how thick of lead you got in your pencil will very, if you have 2 pb than it can weigh up to 10 grams

How many grams is a pencil?

10 grams

Would you weigh an apple in grams or kilograms?

Grams. 1000 grams makes a kg. A pencil weighs around 10 grams.

How much does a new unsharpened pencil weigh?

2-3 grams

Which does the weight of a pencil weigh closer to 5 grams 5 kilograms or 8 kilograms?

5 grams

How much does a pencil case with a ziplock weigh?

Maybe 40 to 10 grams if its big or small and medium is about 25 grams.

What household items weigh 10 grams?

A variety of things in your household weighs 10 grams. A graphite pencil can weigh 10 grams along with a bit of sugar, flour, or a little over 2 sheets of copy paper.

Does a pencil weigh less than a kilogram?

Please note that a kilogram is a unit of mass - NOT a unit of weight. And yes, a pencil has a mass that is considerably less than a kilogram. For comparison, a kilogram is the mass of a liter of water.

How much does a pencil weigh in metric?

A standard pencil weighs between six and eight grams. The exact of the pencil usually depends with the type of the pencil and the lead that has been used.

What units would you measure the weight of a pencil in?

The units grams would be a good choice.

How much does a pencil weigh in ml?

you cant measure a pencil in milliliters. how about grams?

What weighs two grams?

Nothing can 'weigh' two grams, because the gram is not a unit of weight (it is the metric unit of mass). However, two grams would likely weigh something close to the weight of a pencil.

What weighs 500 grams?

A pencil weigh 500 grams. Hint - A paper clip weighs 1 gram.

How many kilograms does a pencil weigh?

A new pencil can weigh around 0.025 kg, or depending on the size of it, it may be less.

Can a pencil sharpener be 50 kilogram?

If it were, it would be rather difficult to lift, and probably too big to fit a pencil through. A pencil sharpener is more likely to weigh 50 grams, if it is one of a mechanical variety.

What weighs 35 grams?

There are many things that could weigh 35 grams. Any kind of food can be put together to weigh 35 grams. There are many small animals that can weigh 35 grams at one point in their life.

How many grams can butterfly weigh?

A large swallowtail may weigh 0.3 grams and smaller butterflies 0.04 grams. The Queen Victoria Birdwing may weigh 2-3 grams

How many grams does a Teener Weigh?

1.7-1.8 grams