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Only if you have pure water in mind: 1cc = 1 milliliter of pure water weigh 1 gram.

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Q: How many grams is 1cc?
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How many grams is equal to 1cc?

You haven't stated the density or what the liquid is. Around 4oC, 1cc of water is 1g if that helps.

77cc equals how many grams?

77 cc is equals to 77 grams....which means 1cc = 1g

How many cc equals 1 oz?

This depends what we are talking about. 1cc of water weighs 1 gram but 1cc of rock is about 5.5 grams and 1cc of mercury nearer 13 grams. cc (cubic centimetres) measures volume and oz is a measure of mass. Volume can never equal mass.

1 cc equals how many grams?

Depends on the substance. 1cc of water weighs 1g

How many grams in a liter?

1cc of water weighs 1 gram 1000cc =1000g(1kg) =1liter

How many ml's equals 1cc?

They are equal; 1mL = 1cc

Haw many grams has 125 ml?

It depends on what's being measured. For water, 1cc = 1ml = 1g. Therefore, 125ml of water is 125g.

How many mg is in 1cc?


How many insulin units are in 0.1 ml?

1ml= 1cc .1ml= .1cc or one tenth of a unit.

How many ml in 1 milligrams?

This cannot be sensibly answered. A milliliter (mL or ml) is a measure of volume, grams and milligrams are measures of weight or mass.

How many ml is equal 1cc?

the equal the same. 1cc means cubic centimetre, cm3, it equals 1ml

1cc equals how many ml?


How many cc in 1ml?

1mL = 1cc

1ml equals how many cc?


How many 1cc in milliliter?

They are the same volume.

How many cc in 1millileter?

1mL = 1cc

How many cc in milliter?

1cc = 1mL

How many cc is 1 ml?

Since 1cc (cubic centimeter) and 1mL (milliliter) are the same volume, 1mL = 1cc

How many cc units equals 1 ml?

1cc (cubic centimer) is equivalent to 1mL (milliliter) 1cc=1mL

1cc equals ml?


How much is 1cc?

1cc is 1ml, or .001 liters. 1cc of water also has a mass of 1g

How many cubic centimeters are in one milliliter?

1cc (cubic centimeter) and 1mL (milliliter) are the same volume. So, 1mL = 1cc

1 cc of insulin is equal to how many units?

1cc=100units can also write as 1mL=100units, because 1cc=1mL

How many cubic centimeters in a milliter?

1cc = 1mL

1 cc is how many mg?

1cc is 1mL.

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