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There are 5C3 = 10 groups.

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Q: How many groups of three can you make out of 5 flowers?
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How many petals does the flower of a monocot have?

Monocots usually produce flowers with petals in groups of three or six.

How many groups of 2 make 3 groups of 4?

There are six (6) groups of 2 in three groups of 4. Your answer is six (6)

How many flowers have three petals?

Several monocot flowers have three petals

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There are four groups of 4 that will make eight groups of 2.

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How many groups of 60 would you need to make 600?

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How many flowers does a bee have to visit to make a tablespoon of honey?

2000 flowers a bee has to visit to make a table spoon of honey

How many flowers must bees visit to make 1pound of honey?

2 million flowers

How many flowers make a bunch in farmville?

1perfect bunches of flowers can be perfect

If you have 5 types of flowers. How many combinations of three can be made?


How many flowers does it take to make a pint of honey?

you would need the bees to collect nectar from 2000 flowers to make a pint of honey.

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All of my flowers except two are roses. All of my flowers except two are tulips. All of my flowers except two are daisies how many flowers do i have and what are they?

You have three flowers. One rose, one tulip, and one daisy. *********************************************** Well actually there are two solutions: You can have three flowers: a rose, a tulip, and a daisy OR you can have two flowers: a carnation and a geranium

How many flowers bees need to make one pound of honey?

bees need to visit 2 million flowers to make that pound of honey

What are the 3 groups of Mollusks?

cephalopods, gastropods, and bivalves. actually, there are many more groups, but these are the main three.