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Six wholes can be split into 12 halves

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Q: How many half are in 6 whole?
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How many dotted half notes equal a dotted whole note?

1 dotted half note = 3 beats 1 dotted whole note = 6 beats so 6/3 = 2 2 dotted whole notes equals a dotted half note

A whole note plus a half note?

6 whole note = 4, half note = 2

How many half cup servings are in three cups of coleslaw?

Well if there are 2 1/2cups in one whole cup, then there are 6 half cups in three whole cups. The bold is your answer.

How many beats are in a dotted half?

3 beats. A dot adds half of the notes value to it. For example, a dotted whole would be 6 because 4+2=6.

How many beats does a whole note tied to a half note receive?

6 beats/12 pulses

How many tenths are in half one whole?

half of one whole = 5/10

How many beats dose a dotted whole note receive?

whole note = 4 beats per measure dotted whole note = 6 beats. = two dotted half notes dotted half notes is 3 beats.

How many half rest in a whole rest?

How many halves in a whole? Two.

How many whole notes are in a half note?

there are no whole notes in a half beat please think if it's called a half note then it's half of a whole note a whole note is 4 beats so half of 4 is 2.

What are the ratings and certificates for My Whole Half Life - 2014?

My Whole Half Life - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:6

Is the fraction 4 sixths closer to 1 half or 1 whole?

One whole = 6/6. the difference between 6/6 and 4/6 is 2/6. 1/2 = 3/6. The difference between 4/6 and 3/6 is 1/6, so it is closer to one half.

How many half notes equal a whole notes?

Two half notes equal one whole notes.

How many half steps equal a whole step?

2 half steps equals 1 whole step

How many half are in one whole?


How many quarters are equivalent to one half?

There are 4 quarters in a whole. Therefore, there must be 2 quarters in half of a whole.

Baseball has how many outs in an inning?

In total there are 6 outs in an whole inning but each half inning only has 3 outs.

What is the order of whole step and half steps for any major scale?

Whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half.WWHWWWH

How many eighths are in one and a half?

There are 12. 8 in a whole, and 4 in a half.

What is the whole number for one half?

We're hoping that nobody ever taught you that every fraction has a "whole number" connected to it somehow. It doesn't. Let's put it as simply as we can: If you have one half of a pizza, then how many whole pizzas is that ? And if you have one half of a dollar, then how many whole dollars is that ? One half is just what it says . . . one half. There is no whole number for it. You'd need to get another half from somewhere and put them together just to make the smallest whole number there is.

What is half of six?

3. 3+3=6.1/2 is a fraction and it is half of a whole item or number. 1/2 of 6 is 3.

How many grams is in 6 and a half pounds?

6 and a half pounds is about 2948g

Is three fifth closer to half or whole?

Closer to a half, double It up 3/5x2= 6/10

How many ninths are in 6?

There are 9 ninths in one whole. You will have 6 times as many ninths in 6 as you will in one whole, that is 6*9 = 54

If an organisms diploid number is 12 its haploidnumberis?

Diploid means whole and Haploid means half is the best way to think about it. So if the whole is 12 the half is 6.

If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half how many eggs does 6 chickens lay in 6 days?