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There are 2 half inches in each inch.

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Q: How many half inches are in an inch?
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How many half inches in one inch?

There are two half-inches in one inch.

How many inches is 0.500?

0.500 inches is half an inch.

How many quarter inches long is an eighth inches?

An eighth of and inch is half of a quarter of an inch!

Which is great a half inch or .5 inches?

A half of an inch and 0.5 inches are the same length.

How many inches is in one half?

1/2 an inch

How many mm is an inch and a half?

1.5 inches = 38.1mm

If a pen is 8 inches what is the nearest half inch?

Eight inches rounded to the nearest half inch is still eight inches.

Are there 4 eighth inches in an inch?

There 4 eighth inches in a half inch and 8 eighth inches in an inch.

What is 3 inches to the nearest one half inch?

3 inches is exactly 6 half-inches with no pieces of another half-inch left over. So there is no other half-inch that's closer to 3 inches than 3 inches already is.

How many feet and inches are in a half a inch?

there are 1\24 of a foot in a half an inchthere are 1\2 of an inch in a half an inch

How many inches in 1.27 cm?

2.5 centemeters is an inch so that would be about half an inch.

How many inches does the average boy grow each year?

half an inch - 2 inches

How many inches do you deduct on a 90 degree bend on half inch bend?

6 inches

Who many inches is 13mm?

13mm is just over half an inch

How many millimeters are in an inch and half?

1.5 inches is 38.1 millimeters.

How many millimeters equals one half inch?

12.7 inches

How many 1 half inch segments are in 4 inches?

There are 8 of them

How many feet are in a half inch?

1 foot = 12 inches. Therefore 1 inch=1/12 of a foot. Half an inch=1/24 of a foot

How many eighths of an inch are in two and a half inches?

8 eighths of an inch equal one inch. So 2 inches contain 16 eighths of an inch. Half of eight is four, so half an inch contains four eighths of an inch. 16 + 4 = 20 eighths of an inch.

How many inches is 1.3 centimeters?

About half an inch. To convert centimeters to inches, just divide by 2.54.

How thin is an iPad in inches?

It is 0.5 of a inch or half an inch.

How many inches in one cetemeter?

none. there is 2 and a half centemetres in an inch

How many one half inches make up 1 inch?


Can a string be 3 inches to the nearest inch half inch and quarter inch explain?

3 inches to the nearest inch and 3 inches to the nearest half inch both refer to a length not less than 2.5 inches and less than 3.5 inches. 3 inches to the nearest quarter inch refers to a length not less than 2.75 inches and less than 3.25 inches.

How many millimeters in three and a half inches?

2.5cm per inch=25mm per inch = 3.5x25=87.5mm